Do you think the NFL will try to establish a team in Canada? The Bills playing in Toronto last season made no sense to me unless the NFL were testing the waters. I wonder if they would try to woo the Argos to the NFL? The one thing I don't trust about the NFL is that they have "partnered(?)" with the CFL. They only did this after there was some moderate success in a few cities who had teams in the CFL a la Baltimore and Sacramento. NFL doesn't want competition. I would love to see 4 teams from the US compete in the CFL. It would be a 12 team league and the markets would only need a 30,000 and up seated stadium. Cities in the US who know they will not get an NFL team and want professional football and are smaller markets would jump at the chance to have a team. The CFL is established where other leagues are just starting up. That's the CFL's advantage. TV coverage could be established in the US with the local cable companies. To save money home radio announchers could be used to broadcast games on TV.

The NFL would love to find a market for their product in Canada. Wherever there is money, the NFL will try and find a way to get a piece of it. If they were able to move a team to Canada ( expansion likely would not happen, as they have a good number of teams, and they don't want to expand the schedule ), it would open up a whole new television and merchandising market. The market for football in Canada is smaller, and if the CFL lost even part of it's television contract, there are doubts that the league could survive.

As far as the CFL expanding into the US, they have had problems in the past with poorly managed franchises. The "US expansion" used really low expansion fees to prop up the struggling teams. The poorly managed expansion franchises nearly dragged the whole league out of existance. The market for the CFL product is rarely found, even in major Canadian centers. The only way it would work is if those local cable companies were willing to buy broadcast rights to the CFL games, to the extent that it would add more revenue to the other teams instead of making each team's piece of the TV-contract pie smaller. Then, find a suitable stadium, find a good management team, and deal with the ratio, which was a mess in the last expansion.

Canadian expansion first, then, maybe, a U.S. team or two.

The NFL can't expand into Canada without proper ownership, a huge stadium, and TV rights. Other than the Big Owe (or possibly Commonwealth Stadium), there is no stadium big enough right now unless ticket prices were doubled (cheap seats for ~$140/game, and season tickets for ~$1400) and the Rogers Centre is used. Isn't going to happen any time soon. Let them play their one or two games a year there and try and build a market. So far it hasn't worked very well, which I'm sure isn't exactly inspiring to the NFL.

The last NFL was very much against the NFL in Canada, Roger unfortunately has spewed his mouth making claims that the NFL would be happy looking to across into Toronto territory. I don't really think this will happen naytime soon first As stated above Toronto doesn't have an NFL stadium (not enough seats). From the information provided for the exhibition and regular season game last year, ticket prices were through the roof, a good portion of fans came from buffalo and the average NFL fan wasn't at the game more business corps that were quiet and not really into the game a really poor atrmosphere. I think feel the NFL liked the quiet NFL crowd it was mentioned by the press and players as a real negative.

MLSE and Ted Rogers (was) the frontrunners wanting a NFL franchise, the late Ted is paying up for the games and with the Canadian dollar going down they say the looses for ROGERS will be huge and they lost on this deal. NFL does keep saying the games are not to move the franchise over to Toronto its to keep the Bills in Buffalo as the city has fell on hard times. NFL doesn't want to expand the league to anymore teams for now as stated in other posts, but if a team was to relocate the ideal place would be Los Angeles, the NFL even says the next city they are looking at is Los Angeles. If a foreigm city was to get a franchise Mexico City would be ahead of Toronto, they have the proper means for a team fan support stadium size and financial support.

If the NFL was so intersested in Toronto, wouldn’t they have planned a game there?

The league went to Mexico City and London which all but kills Toronto’s hope of becoming a “major league, world class, centre of the universe city”. It was rogers and the bills who had a deal in place, the NFL had nothing to do with it besides approving it.

Yep, the Bills in Toronto is a Buffalo Bills initiative, not from the NFL. The NFL did want to play reg. season games in various Canadian cities over the next few years, but after approving the Bills games they said no other games would be played in Canada for the next 5 years.

The NFL has little to gain by putting a franchise in Canada. They are already popular here and sell merchandise for all the NFL teams to fans across Canada. Fans won't easily change their stripes and automatically support a Toronto NFL team, over the traditional Browns, Steelers, Pats, Packers or Hawks.

Canadian TV networks will not be able to pay much more than the current $20M for NFL rights, and could never match the U.S. teams US$100M+ take from the American networks. Canadian TV ratings do not count towards the NFL's TV deal.

There is also the potential loss of indentity for the NFL by expanded outside the U.S. Their garish patriotic displays at the SB and other events would have to be toned down and replaced with a more Maple-Leafed francophone metric pacifist theme.


With the complete meltdown of the economy, the last thing the NFL braintrust is thinking about right now is Canadian Expansion. They will probably have to reopen their labour contract or go to a lockout. "the age of absurdity" is about to come to an end.

Who wants it to end? Not the players ... Not the league.

Are the TV deals going to shrink? Are companies going to refuse to pay for commercials on MNF or during the Super Bowl? Are people going to stop gambling on football games? The contract may be reopened, but the players are still going to get 80% of revenue. The age of absurdity will continue as scheduled. As revenues dip over the next year or two, the salaries will stay the same and the owners won't make quite as much money.

If the Canadian economy keeps gaining ground on the American. The NFL will be more eager to try and expand it's market up here, when it looks at relocating some of the struggling teams.

Everything will depend on the next TV contract