How about the Bills and Jets play Tuesday night at THF?

Interesting idea. But I believe the game was cancelled. Not much of a game if the Bills players couldn't even get out of their house this week to practice.

Perhaps if asked, the Ticats might agree to this.

I think they tried that at SkyDump !? How did that work out :lol:

NFL has cancelled the Sunday game at Buffalo but are now trying to determine where and when to play the game.
Just a thought during Happy Hour. THF would mean Bills players would still be near their homes probably be able to practice at least once.
Question from far end of the bar, could THF be turned into NFL field for a Tuesday night game?
Time to order another Scotch & water!

Some one just sent this suggestion to NFL HQs.
Happy Hour has become Crazy Hour!

Looks like the game is being moved to Monday likely to be played in Detroit or Washington. So yay! I get to cheer on my favourite CFL team in person Sunday and apparently won't miss a must win game for my favourite NFL team which was originally scheduled for the same time.

So for the Bills - just like the last six seasons of the Bills in Toronto series - they only get 7 real home games this season.

Maybe the NFL should start their season earlier so they wouldn't have these problems.

I would prefer Washington since I have to be back here Monday!

Game is Being play at Ford Field in Detroit monday It wil be Announced shortly

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Lions play at Ford Field Thursday at 12:30 For Us thanksgiving so it will be busy work in Detroit .
I don’t Think we’ll ever see a another NFL Game in for very long time in Canada
after Bills in Rogers Series flopped
The League now wants to play in Major city not Hamilton or Toronto ect
London England is the Ticket for the NFL
Mexico city better chance to land a NFL Game then Toronto or Hamilton.

Too bad, they would have drawn more fans in Washington.

LMAO :lol: Toronto :lol:

There a Reason Ford Field was Pick
They been hosted of Game for Vikings when Metrodome roof Collapses vs the Gaints

They also done a Superbowl and They host Super Regional Combine there every year.

WHO CARES :x Go to the nfl site :roll:

I think the NFL realized they were on the verge of another major PR disaster....

The change of heart came after Poloncarz blasted the NFL at his afternoon press conferences.

“If the NFL is trying to push the Bills – and I don’t think the Bills are trying to push it – if the NFL is trying to push the Bills to hold a football game, while we’re in the middle of an emergency, shame on the NFL,? Poloncarz said. “Simple as that. We’re in a major emergency.?

The county executive continued: “We’ve had eight deaths. We still might have people in their vehicles. We have roofs collapsing. We were just touring a facility where there were a couple hundred patients in a nursing home and there was 7 feet of snow – with another 2 to 3 feet potential – on a flat roof of a nursing home. If the NFL is pushing this game to be held, shame on the NFL.?