NFL Anthem Controversy

Well if what just happened in London (streaming on Yahoo and is any indication - Trump gave a huge boost to the Colin Kapaernick anthem protest movement. In the first game since Trump's 'Fire them' comment dozens of players took a knee during the US anthem at Wembley in London. The players - did then rise again for the singing of God Save the Queen.

It will be interesting to see what happens with all the NFL games in the USA today.

NFL players and owners seem to be rallying in a united fashion against Trump's comments. This a statement put out by the Bills owners the Pegulas before today's game in Buffalo.

"Several of us met tonight - players, coaches, staff, and ownership. Our goal was to provide open dialogue and communication. We listened to one another. We believe it's the best way to work through any issue we are facing - on and off the field. "President Trump's remarks were divisive and disrespectful to the entire NFL community, but we tried to use them as an opportunity to further unify our team and our organization. "Our players have the freedom to express themselves in a respectful and thoughtful manner and we all agreed that our sole message is to provide and to promote an environment that is focused on love and equality."
Other owners and the Commissioner have put out similar statements in support of their players.

Trump and the vast majority of people that have been polled are right on, either respect the flag or get fired.
Overpaid bums, that serve no purpose in life other than having a talent to play a child's game and get paid an obscene amount of money.

Disagree. Short careers and they deserve the money they get.

And they have the right to stand, or not stand, if they want.

A better idea : Fire Trump!

You are kidding right.
Disrespecting the flag for whatever beef you might have is wrong.
These bums would not be anywhere close in financial stature if they were living anywhere else.
These bums won the lottery of life with some ability to play a sport.
Let me repeat athletes and entertainers serve no purpose in life, let's talk about health care providers, first responders to include cops and the military who go about their daily chore of saving lives.
A heart surgeon now let's call for a financial increase in his/her salary.
Shut up I say or get out no one is forcing you to participate.
Meanwhile Trump has again hit the pulse of the people and is the best president in recent time.

I disagree.

I had to sort of chuckle when even the anthem singer took a knee while finishing the anthem at the Detroit Lions game.

Trump’s good friend - Patriots owner Kraft expressed ‘deep disappointment’ in Trump’s divisive comments and about 20 of his (Patriots) players took a knee at the anthem at their game today. The entire Steeler team but for one player decided not to even come out of the locker room for the anthem at their game.

I would personally do away with national anthems at most, if not all, sporting events. It's serves no purpose whatsoever.

As the more intelligent of us knew when he was elected, Trump was and always will be a divisive person and would become a divisive president. He has accomplished this not even one year into his term. His inflammatory rhetoric towards North Korea and Iran has escalated an already tense situation to alarming levels. It's scary to think that Trump's reckless style may very well see bombs land on these shores courtesy of North Korea. Under any other president - heck even under George Bush - we would not have seen this international incident unfold in the extreme matter it has.

We are seeing this divisiveness spreading to pro sports teams. After stating that athletes who kneel during that national anthem should be fired, we are seeing more athletes than ever kneeling during the anthem. So instead of solving the problem, Trump has exacerbated it! And people thought this guy was a problem solver!lol

Trump for whatever reason can't seem to help himself from making comments on twitter about people he deemed has wronged him, whether imaginary or real. He's acts like a 10-year old. When Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins declined the invitation to the meet the president at the White House with the rest of the Stanley Cup Champions back in 2012, did Barrack Obama go on twitter or make an announcement to the press that he he had uninvited Thomas? Or that he was disappointed with Thomas? No, he acted presidential and really did not concern himself with such trivial matters. He respected the man's right not to attend.

Meanwhile, Steph Curry says he will not attend the meet-and-greet for the NBA champs and rather than focusing on more important matters, Trump chooses to respond. Not only that but he withdraws the invitation to Steph. How childish!

Back to the national anthem and kneeling, last I checked there is a thing called the first amendment which would basically allow an athlete the right to kneel if they so choose during the anthem. Does Trump want to take that right away?

Of course, Trumpkins are eating this up. They love the act and speak first then think later actions of the president, consequences be damned. And he knows this. Why else would he go on endless tirades about rather inconsequential matters on twitter and speak of rather trivial things like a few athletes sitting during that national anthem during a public speaking event in Alabama rather than focus on more important things like the economy, disaster relief in Florida and the Caribbean?

Why? Well, because he knows his core group of supporters (who will stand by anything he says no matter the road it takes them down) will lap it up and keep the focus away from the more important matters at hand. Low-hanging fruit.

Again, get rid of the national anthem at sporting events and we would not have this problem to begin with.

lol, and this guy is supposed to be a problem-solver. He just makes the problem worse!

I understand that things like this that take place in the NFL tend to be of special interest to CFL fans, but I'm going to invoke the no politics rule and lock this up before the respectful disagreement that's happened so far in this thread becomes less so. :slight_smile: