NFL-Als cuts

We already have Thyron Anderson back and now we could of hit the jackpot, depending on if they get NFL practice roster spots or not.


Tuesday, September 6, 2005 - 02:24PM

NFL teams had to get down to 53 players on the weekend and many Canadians and former CFL players were let go. The Montreal Alouettes could be big winners in all of this. Former draft picks Jesse Palmer, Jerome Pathon and Kerry Carter were cut loose by their respective clubs. Remember this however; some of these players could take NFL practice roster positions.

The Renegades are interested in Ottawa native Jesse Palmer and his rights could be acquired in a trade. Dallas cut quarterback turned kick-returner Woody Danzler and he is on the Renegades neg list. That could make for a very interesting trade?

Hmmm.........after the Kellett trade, not so sure Paopao wants to do business again with Popp anytime soon.

I'd trade the rights to Palmer and James Withley for Korey Banks and Brad Banks. Ya think the Rens would agree to that?

If Paopao would be so foolish as to consider trading Korey Banks, I'd give him the rights to Palmer, Whitley, Megna, Botteril, and Wilson, and what the heck throw in the rights to Lawrence Phillips as well.


Wednesday, September 7, 2005 - 11:09AM

Montreal Alouettes' general manager Jim Popp announced today that veteran receiver Thyron Anderson has accepted the terms of a new two-year contract plus an option that will end after the 2007 season.

Back from the New Orleans Saints' training camp since last week, Anderson played in his first game last Friday against the Ottawa Renegades. In the Alouettes' win, Anderson caught an 18-yard pass.

In 2004, Anderson was one of four Alouettes' receivers to gain over 1,000 receiving yards, a first in CFL history. He finished the season with 76 catches for 1,147 yards and three touchdowns. He is 26.


The Alouettes also announced that linebacker Jeremiah Garrison, who just came back from the Green Bay Packers training camp, and free safety Jamacia Jackson have joined the practice roster. They are both South Carolina products.

The Alouettes released WR Tim Gilligan

Montreal Added Ben Cahoon from the inactive list and deleted Lamar Chapman

and don't forget Montreal has the rigts for Maurice Clarett also who has been released

MadJack, we should definately add O'Neil Wilson to any trade we make just to get him off. Megna might be too much in your trade. Or else, trade only Megna for Korey Banks. Not the others.

As for Botterill, I don't like to see him lined-up as a linebacker, especialy when its in Butler's stead (though I admit not too many people can fill Butler's shoes appropriately), but I think he's doing good on special teams. If we can afford a roster spot for a special teamer, we can keep him.

I would like to see Philip Gauthier as our top linebacker back-up. He was quite exciting to see in the preseason, and he was only a rookie.

Als_Molson, if the Als bring in Maurice Clarett I will be depressed, because that will show our management never learns. Lawrence Philipps should have thought us to stay away from trouble makers.

And we already have a back-up running back who is 100% made up of class: Jonas Lewis. If Edwards wasn't that great, I would like Lewis to start. And that could happen next year because it won't be long before Edwards gets back on the NFL radar the way he's playing.

We don't need Clarett now. But I was pointing out that another player on the Als neg. list has been released. He will probably sign in the NFL somewhere. But if not we could always try to trade his rights or if we actually needed him, I wouldn't hesitate to bring in the talented head case for a look.