NFL - 2012

Jets over Bills; N.Y. beats the spread
Pittsburgh over Denver; by 3 points

Are we just posting a couple picks here with the spread or what?

Could be a talk thread, post picks or what have you...thus all in fun.

I think my Eagles are 9.5 pt faves against Cleveland.

Ill take Philly to cover lol

Ah darnit, only now I noticed this post! Anyway, here are mine and thanks for starting it up Backer!

All lines of all games from which I chose these picks were as of 1:00AM EDT Thursday 6 September, so they will have changed no doubt by the time you make your picks here or otherwise.

$7 Indianapolis +10

$7 Buffalo +3

$11 New England -5.5

$21 Detroit -7
$7 Detroit/St. Louis Over 45.5

$11 Carolina -2.5

I don't have access to a bookie here in Tampa like I did when I lived in PA two years ago after living three years in Las Vegas and coming out a winner (a small winner plus all those free or cheap drinks for that matter, but still a winner).

In week one there is a lot of luck too, as you don't know the teams. If you win big after week 1, your instincts are probably pretty good but you are no "expert" given the luck required. Here's who I have, and make your own picks just for fine using the lines on the Vegas site or via or another site, and post away as if you were betting real money.

Here are my division winners as picked BEFORE Wednesday night's game.

NY Giants

Green Bay


San Francisco

New England



San Diego

Already I wish I could change my pick for the NFC East to Dallas, but the NY Giants were my honest pick. Last year I was wary and correct to be wary in picking the Giants to win the division and just got lucky in that regard. It's not looking that good for them this year at all.

My Division winners....



Here are my official NFL week 1 picks...



gettin wrecked lol

1-3 so far.

Rough day ...I went 2-4 with only my picks of New England and Detroit/St. Louis O45.5 hitting.

-$29.65 using 11/10 |-110 | 1.1 odds

Detroit and Carolina really let more than me down today. :thdn: :thdn:

For Carolina (-2.5) the stormy weather here in Tampa had an effect and made the game low-scoring in their loss too, but for Detroit, who did not cover (-7), there are no excuses because they were at full strength at home against St. Louis as is a bad team.

I went 1-1 - Jets winning - Pittsburg lose…Week 1 is a tough one to put picks out there, however if I went with a couple more picks - result I would have lost both also.
Anyway week 2 - I’ll go with three picks - cheers til then.

Houston vs Jaguars - Texans to cover spread
Saints vs Carolina - New Orleans by 3
Broncos vs Atlanta - Falcons by 3

Here's a bit on how a key player, QB Cam Newton, was shut down by Tampa Bay here on Sunday not just by bad weather conditions as slowed down both teams.

Carolina was stuffed by weather conditions and an improved Bucs team. This article not only explains how the Bucs stopped Cam Newton but also how great coaching makes a difference. And go figure, fundamental tackling! Watch other teams take note to isolate Newton's weaknesses.

[url=] ... back-.html[/url]

Of course I am biased against Newton because he was effectively paid 100s of thousands in college but the NCAA somehow could not find the evidence in large part because he was in an SEC school, and the SEC is the NCAA's bread basket and dominant conference. Newton also made the comment when he was a draft prospect about being an "icon," and as soon as I heard about that everyone like me wrote him off as just another Lebron wannabe and selfish player.

Newton, under the advice of his handlers and agent, quickly surfaced to attempt to correct the comment, but the memory of his true intent lingers and many like me can't wait to see him fail.

Something tells me that Newton will bounce to some degree, but is he smart enough to adapt his game now that his weakness has been isolated?

On a Jacksonville side note i think Blain Gabbert has made quite a turnaround from last year what a difference an off season and new coaching can make .. Look for the jags to be much better even with the absence of Jones-Drew he can be a force but greed has won out so if we have to pay him for his greediness weather he plays or not leave his ass on the sideline and don't entertain trades unless it benefits us

Hopefully the turn around from the old failed system won't take too long .. and that the ownership and new coaching will keep Gene Smith from making stupid decisions

I doubt they are any kind of contender this year just happy with the positive direction

Vegas spreads are out, so have at it or via

The Vegas site is just easier to read, but the Pinnacle site has money lines if you want to pick upset winners.

There is still a lot of room to choose your spots on the board this week. Have some more fun.

Only Billy Soup, who went 2 for 3, did well last week.

Note below my picks. At stake would be real money with a local bookie too if I had one.

All odds are 11/10 | -110 | x1.91 unless indicated otherwise.

$16 Baltimore To Win = Money Line +2.21

$14 Washington -3

$21 San Francisco -6.5

$10 Denver To Win = Money Line +2.47

Well it was supposed to be a close game, as I had a hard time picking a winner and changed my pick to Minnesota in another pool, and it was in the first ever overtime NFL game that did not end on a field goal by the first team with possession. What a great new rule at last! C’mon CFL copy this OT rule and get over that the NFL figured it out first!

I was going to bet Houston to cover the spread on the road at Jax this week if not also the over on only 41.5, but something just tells me to stay away.

We’ll see what Jax has in store.

Wow GB over Chicago at the half 10-0 would think it's December and the balls are under-inflated ...I think I'll pass on the second half after just tuning in ...Jay Cutler is 3 of 5 passing for a blazing 15 yards! and total rushing yards by Chicago, uh 40!


I think Calvillo, Ray, Tate and possibly a few others would be faring better for Chicago, and good thing Cutler won't be in the CFL for sure!

Dallas -3
Houston -7
Carolina +1

2-1 not bad....

And Philly won yay!