Next yr- Holmes Lumsden Ranek Aidoo Davis Radlein? whos gone

We currently have 6 backs, and I realize that we have alot of injuries so this is a godo thing right now but next year we cant keep them all, With the awesome new of Holmes resigning I would like to see Holmes and Lumsden sharing time with Radlien as FB release or trade Ranek and id like to see them keep Aidoo over Davis for special teams but thats my opinion, give me who u think they will or should keep for next year and who will b shown the door outta steetown

Oskee Wee Wee

we only have to get rid of 1 and i say ranek is the odd man out! :slight_smile:

I think Ranek is gonna go too, because

  1. He cannot play Radlein's position
  2. Lumsden is on Special teams
  3. They obviously commited to Holmes

Ranek still can play strong, the reason he struggled the most from where I am sitting was because the 0-line was weak, he hasn't really played since Coach Sal took the reigns.

I think he maybe valuable tradebait, unless Ottawa makes a comeback then I can see Hamilton leaving him unprotected and allowing Ottawa take him back in an expansion draft.

Aidoo / Davis are obvious choices to be released or traded, but why would Hamilton carry Ranek as a 2nd string when he could be traded for a couple strong prospects and some draft picks

Aidoo is basically a special team player.
So someone like a Canadian LB or SB would have to beat him out of his position.

Lumsden and Holmes will be the running backs and return men.
Radlein keeps his position.
That leaves Davis and Ranek battling it out for a reserve position.

Ranek is no reserve Runningback he's proven and has put up numbers he will be traded to a Toronto or Edmonton.

Definitly keep Ranek here. We've got him now, let's hold on to him. This guy has proven himself year after year. With his injuries and the rest of the baloney this year he certainly had a off year. With the new coach coming in, Holmes and Lumsden signed, Ranek just gives us one more proven running back.

Definitely get rid of Lumsden, and I would get rid of Aidoo as well. Keep the other 4 guys.

Radlein has to go... he only does two things, blocks and fumbles... you're telling me you cant give to Lumsden on 3rd and 1? Come on.

He wont start because Lumsden and Holmes should start, he cant play special teams, he cant really catch the ball like Holmes and Lumsden... how many carries is he actually gonna get?

The question is can Lumsden be the blocker we need in an FB? Or are we going to abandon the FB altogether and go with a split back system? Otherwise we have to keep Radlein...

Something else to be considered is that we might end up trading Holmes, but beefing up his contract might be part of the "sweeten the deal" type things for next season.

You would not have beefed up Holmes contract if you wanted to trade him. How does giving him a bigger juicer contract help to trade him, it makes him less desirable to other teams!

Ranekand Davis can go.We need to use Radelin properly.If we properly use Radelin at F.B.and have Jesse at R.B.
That is a dominate backfield along with Holmes.

What do you have Holmes doing then?

Wasn't Maas' contract juiced up just prior to the trade last year. Maas and Edmonton must have discussed this as a way to get him a bigger contract for this year. One thing it does is make the cap more difficult for the team receiving the player.

I would think Davis would be the odd-man out.

Ranek is a proven quality and they have him under contract for one more year plus an option.

Keeping the Canadians would be more beneficial. Having 2 tailbacks and 1 tailback/quasi-fullback and one very strong fullback, you could rotate them in and out and have a lot of flexibility in formations.
This would also allow the use of an American somewhere else, most notably on the O-line.

Last game may have a devestating impact on the current status of O-line for next year. Having an added Canadian in the backfield the Cats could possibly go with 3 import O-lineman.

The problem is, with the plethora of lineman in the States, the Cats have been having a lot of trouble finding ones that are suited to the Canadian game.
If the the scouting staff can find some quality talent the running game could be the dominant part of the offence next year.

Seeing an average 150 yards rushing per game next year would not be out of the realm of possibility.


Radlein is the most overrated/hyped player on this team.

kojo and Ranek....

it's a wonder to me how Kojo continues to make this team.....He is only a special teams player.....the only thing Kojo is good for is a holding penalty or two.

Here is my simple solution. Leave Josh Ranek unprotected going into the expansion draft, and if Ottawa takes him, great, if not, release him because with the salary cap being enforced next season there is no need for his contract, even if you have to eat a portion of it.

And why is Kojo even included in this topic? :wink:

He is Radlein's back up, and performed admirably last year when called upon.

Doesn't look like Ottawa will be back unitl 2008 according to the interview Brian Williams did with the Calgary Stampeders president Ted Hellard, chairman of the CFL's franchise committee, during halftime of the Winnipeg / Calgary game last week.

Ranek should be the odd man out!

first off, who says we can only keep 4 ?
we have carried 5 all year.
I think that aidoo goes regardless.
holmes shouldnt be moved to the slot, but should be used as a receiver out of the backfield on a regular basis .... like 40 plays per game.

I would line up on a regular basis with a standard three receiver set, with three backfielders, release holmes to either side and create either trips to one side or double receiver on both sides and have lumsden and ranek in a split set often. Last time I checked all three are great receivers, so why not make life a little easier for our moderate O-line by throwing to the backs more often.