Next years win total

Something to throw round:

I got thinking about next year's schedule (of course with an assumption that the teams stay relatively the same) and therefore the number of wins and wondered if the following scenario is probable if not perhaps reasonable to consider.

If we play the Argos 4 times next year which I believe will be the case we should win three of those games. We are more than due to take at least one game from Saskatchewan and perhaps another against Edmonton. Beating B.C. in the regular season would be tough, Calgary as well may be a stretch, though we did do that last year.

We should win at least one from Winnipeg and one from Montreal. By my calculations that leaves us realistically 7-11. Of course I would love to sweep another Eastern division team which would make us 9-9. I realize for us beating a team twice has been a problem, three times very hard and four times is very very hard for any team. I really believe we are going to be much better than the Argos next year. (Labour Day should be huge next year!!)

I think anything better than this comes from a significant change to the defence but that's the debate of another couple of threads.

Any other thoughts?

I've given up predicting what will happen with regards to the Cats. My only concern is, it's taken this team quite a number of years to turn things around (that's based on a quasi belief that this team has INDEED turned things around). I doubt that it will take the Argos the same amount of time to turn their ship around. If they don't come back better next year, than sure as shooting they will the year after.

5 wins if where lucky

i say 8-10.

we will improve our d line and oline.

with 1 good pass rusher this year, we could have had 3-4 more wins.

we are close, i can smell it

somehow we were close with printers starting. now we have a better qb in porter.

we'll make the playoffs this year

bob should have another promotion

What about predictions for the 2010 season?


3 to 5

I'll be optimistic and say 6.

Should be enough to finish ahead of the new look Argos... :?

Sure the Ticats will improve but what if the other teams improve even more?
The Argos will go into next year with Joseph named as their starter and no QB controversey, and a new coach. Winnipeg is improving after starting out slow. Montreal will be just as strong.

We will need significant improvement to keep up. We thought that the QB position was solid but maybe not, we thought that the running backs were solid but with Lumsden possibly leaving and Keith losing his shine may not be as strong next year.

I still am far more concerned about the defence. Simple math tells me that (wishful thinking on my part--) a Rich Stubler lead defence takes away at minimum 7-10 points per game with added d-line help. I would hope that turns into 4-6 more wins thus the 7-9 win area for next year. Then he will have a good defence for 3-5 years as our guys mature. That would be a real nice run of good winning football. Hey it's the off season for us and having hope is part of my occupation. Yes, I realize a few prayers probably won't hurt either! lol

Hamilton better get their act together if they want to keep their streak alive of winning a championship at least once in every decade. they have until the end of the 2011 season to pull that off.

I predict 6 wins.

They have until the end of next season to pull it off.... 1999 was the last chance in the 90's... a decade stars with the number ending in 0... you have 10 chances, we have had from 2000 which is 9 seasons to win a title, we have one more shot at it.

that'll be your little secret.

seriously though, what's keeping hamilton down for so long in a league with such high player turnover? it usually takes just a couple of personnel changes to go from also-ran to contender. what is it? dang! 6 wins should be enough to get into the playoffs, even with losing 12. once in there, anything can happen.