Next year's running back

So, I really am starting to think our next starting running back will come from another team.

With Garrett becoming a star in Winnipeg, Reid is likely to become available, as will Reynolds from Calgary.

So do you go after Reid or Reynolds? Assuming they are free?


Well if a 30 something year old Reynolds is the best they can up with after a full off season, Rider fans are going to be sitting exactly where they are today on this date next year. ie. Not at Taylor field.

Brandon West! He has looked good over the last few games of the season! He is young, he is fast, lets give him a shot to show was he has got! If he can bulk up a bit over the off-season that would be helpful. We always have Neal Hughes as a big pounder.

I think Bernard Yverson has to come into the mix as well. I don't know too much about him, but people who do seem to think pretty highly of him. I think him ad West are a good combo. Reynolds is a fabulous player, and has a great attitude. If he could be brought in at a decent price that would be great, but if you are going to bring in another guy I would like to see some a bit of a younger guy like Reid...but yeah, I like Reynold because he is a fabulous player and does not seem to come with any ego.

As far as picking up a great Canadian RB...What about someone like Jamall Lee? I have also heard from some friends that the Stamps have another Canadian RB in the system that many are saying might be even better that Cornish...don't recall the name at the moment.

Personally if Reid or Reynolds doesn't work out for the right price I would look down south for an unemployed RB and sign Cates on for a reduced have to think he would understand and take it. There is actually a plethora of RBs down south this year, and it is going to be a RB rich draft, so there will be some good guys available to look at.

There is no point in getting Reynolds. If he can't hack it for Calgary why would we want him. We already have an older back in Cates, don't need another.

West, Bernard, and hopefully a couple more recruits and we should be good. In my view the more important thing is to get our O-line better, open up more holes for the backs so they can hit the second level more often.

BrandonWest. Also, bring in 2 more imports from college.

Brandon is not guarnateed the job, has to fight forit in TC. If Cates can agree to a decent contract I can see himbeing aroundnext year. Good coach for West and can be used.

These guys take a pounding. You need 2 good ones.

Didn't Durant or someone say before our game @ Toronto (1-6 at that point) when Cates and Charles were down that West isn't someone you can pound the ball 30 times a game with. That's saying alot, so unless he split carries with another RB or Hughes that we'd be screwed haha but I like the kid

I`m not really sold on West. I think we either need some young blood, or bring a guy like Reid in. I think he may become available after the season Garret has had. But his injury might slow him down even more. I think he still has it, and has the experience and isn't too old IMO. I think we need a new RB though, one may be on our roster right now, but I'm not thinking it's West just due to the fact I don't think he is a strong enough runner yet.

I am not sold on West yet either, which is why I say Yverson may be the near term solution. Reid is no spring chicken...30 at the start of next season. Reynolds will be 32. I say Yverson and Cates with West, bring in a 22-24 year old and work him into the system slowly, then more in 2013.

I would not bring in old players like Reynolds or Reid. Reid is turning 30 next year and Reynolds will be 33. Cates is old, and as much as I like him I think he shouldn't be resigned. He is not good enough to cut it. He is to slow to be affective anymore.

We have brought it talented young runningbacks the last 2 years into camp. I was VERY upset to say the least when they cut Thigpen last year. I thought he looked like the best runningback in camp and then a week later he was cut. This year West looked good. We still have Yvenson Bernard, who we have yet to see anything from in game play.
I dont remember who said it I think it was Tillman who said runningbacks are a dime a dozen! Its not that hard to grab a solid young import and bring him up. Look at how many great new runningbacks there are in the league right now. Boyd, Garret, Messam, Harris, Thigpen, Cornish. Thats 7 teams that have had new runningbacks take over in 2 years. Most of them where this year. Shouldn't be that hard to find some good young talent from the states.