Next Year's Home games

I think the CATS should use this as an opportunity to sell the CFL game and gains fans across Ontario and Eastern Canada .

I think they should play games at university stadiums and create a party atmosphere around it much like the Moncton Game . They could have concerts and tail gaiting etc to attract the young crowd ..They can add extra temporary seats to each stadium :

There could be a few games in the Hamilton area maybe at Macmaster if possible .
Also a few games in the Toronto area at BMO field or YORK or U OF T campuses ..of course these games would not be against Toronto .

They could go to Kitchener / Waterloo and play at Laurier or WATERLOO
They can go to St Catherines and play at Brock

They can go to London for a few games and play at Western .

We could try Ottawa as well Trent University up in Peterbrough and make it an ARGO game so that will bring a lot of fans from Toronto and Durham region .

We can also play in Quebec City maybe against Montreal .

Play in Halifax and Moncton as well .

I don't think that's a good idea, nor do I think they could afford that.

Way too costly with very little return.

Not sure Bob would want to fork out all the travel costs that this schedule would entail, not to mention the logistical problems that evolve....

The Cats just can't afford to play all their games on the road and build temporary stadiums all over Eastern Canada, it would be ridiculously expensive not only for travel/hotels. It also means other teams would have to travel to these places too, it just can't be done. They have to try to change the minds of the decision makers at MacMaster or they are going to have to come up with a plan to put of a temp stadium at Western or Guelph.

8) A few home games at Mac you say ???? :roll:

I think it would also be hell for the players be playing in a different place each game. I hope for the team's sake that they only have 2, or maximum 3, different places to play for their home-away-from-home games, and that as many games as possible are only in one of those locations.

The Mayor has to work with Mac and make it happen for next year. I don't believe or except their excuses and I'm surprised the amount of Ticat fans that just accept what the University spokesman is saying. There is no evidence that the locals around Mac were approached as to their opposition. The street blocked off with the planned temporary stands would not be a big disruption. And the excuse about access to the hospital could be over come. They are talking about 9 games between July and October with traffic disruptions one hour before and after each game.

These problems should be worked out with the Mayor, the Ticats and the University. Playing anywhere else is going to be a huge financial problem for the Ticats and a huge inconvenience for the loyal fans.

I totally agree with mikem's thoughts expressed above.

Not even nine games. The team only planned to play four or five there during the summer months.

If the debate is framed in terms of disruption to hospital operations versus convenience to the football team and its fans, no civic politician will dare to touch it.

The thing that gets me is that Mac is no longer an all-patient hospital. Since the asinine move to make it a Children's hospital only, makes me think that the ambulance and Emergency service has slowed down drastically. With the idea of having parking in far-off lots and having shuttle service (HSR, school bus, golf cart, trained yaks); the traffic around the hospital would actually be quite minimal, as they could control access from Sterling St in the east, and Coots Dr in the west ONLY. Access from Main and King Sts would be used excusively by the hospital.

Again, with only 4-5 games, played in the summer, they would have minimal impact on hospital operations. As for their children's sports camp (which I went to as a yongster) - don't you think it would be cool to a kid to be able to watch real live football players practice?

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The Tiger-Cats aren't interested in Mayor Bob Bratina's help in brokering a deal to salvage their move to McMaster, their president said in an interview with CBC Hamilton on Tuesday.

The Cats are doing the right thing not to involve the Mayor in this and respect the decision the McMaster people have made. But I guess the Mayor has to say something more or else he doesn't appear to be doing his job I suppose. And as we know, looking at the Mayor as an arbitrator, we have some experience with the arbitrator situation in Hamilton with the stadium that maybe arbitrators don't work so well in Hamilton. :wink:

Mac shot themselves in the foot here and they deserve to lose the revenue the Cats provided for them by having TC there each year. Now I hope the Cats dont go back for a few years. Pay back is a b***h

Frankly, if I were the Cats, I'd distance myself from Bratina as his attitude and record speaks for itself.

I still don't buy the argument, if you read the article it is the "Vice President of MacMaster" who was quoted as saying
"The Tiger-Cats aren't interested in Mayor Bob Bratina's help in brokering a deal to salvage their move to McMaster "

When you read the article it sounds like the Ticat President said that no MacMaster!

Scot Mitchel says "there are no talks SCHEUDLED " he didn't say no talks will take place with the Mayor and Mac

“I'll be having conversations with some of the decision-makers to see if there is still room to negotiate,? said the Mayor.

The CBC headline is misreading, and doesn't reflect what is actaully said.

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I think the Mayor will meet with MacMaster and negotiate without the Ticats. The problems that MacMaster has talked about can't be solved by the Ticats but can be solved by the City and Mac