Next year's Grey cup champ


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And that's different from us the past two years how?

That article is a total waste of bandwidth. What a load of crap!

Landry is clearly delusional.

Once again the league is desperate for their Argos to succeed.

I read the article - it is Scott Milanovich saying the Argos are close, and Landry is just reporting it. No need to get all twisted up about it - every coach in the league would say the same thing. Landry brings up a whole bunch of points why the Argos might not be all that and a bag of chips in 2015, anyways.

Other than being a paid employee of the Argos as well as a writer who covers them, I think Don Landry seems like an OK guy. I always liked him on FAN 590, and he can actually make curling seem interesting when he writes about it.

My feelings exactly. The only mistake was in the way the headline read-- it wasn't Landry saying the Argos are not far away from the Grey Cup, it was Milanovich. In the news section, there are recent articles on all the teams but the Blue Bombers. There will probably be one of those soon. There's no pro-Argos bias in this.

YAWN !!!!!! :roll: Okay people move along,nothing to see here.Remain calm,don't panic all is well. :stuck_out_tongue: