Next years Depth Chart(my opinion)

next years DEPTH CHART

OFFENSIVE TACKLE : NEW VETERAN PLAYER (paid by freeing up Casey Printers)
OFFENSIVE TACKLE : NEW VETERAN PLATER ( paid by freeing up Casey Printers)
OFFENSIVE GUARD: Cedric Gagne Marcoux
CENTRE: Marwan Hage
QUARTERBACKS: Quinton Porter, Richie Williams, Adam Trafalis or someone like a Marcus Crandell.
RUNNING BACKS: Terry Caulley, Tre Smith, maybe Kenton Keith(if so trade Tre Smith)
FULLBACKS: Jesse Lumsden, Robert Pavlovic
KICKER: Nick Setta
RECEIVERS: Prechae Rodriguez, Earnest Jackson, Chris Bauman and Chris Davis.
1 0r 2 veteran receivers.

CORNERBACKS: Jykine Bradley, and a new cornerback from free agency maybe
DEFENSIVE BACKS: Chris Thompson, Geoff Tisdale, backup Rontarius Robinson
SAFETY: Dylan Barker, backup Sandy Beveridge
LINEBACKERS: Cornelius Anthony, Markeith Knowlton

soooo your suggesting that we have Caulley, Lumsden AND Keith?

also, why would you replace Ray Maruiz with Cornelius Anthony?

i would rather not have Chris Davis starting next year, the guy catches the ball and runs backwards.

im not sure how many good veteran offensive lineman are free agents this year...but i was thinking we could draft 2 starting offensive lineman in the draft (just as calgary did).

how does this sound at reciever? Rodriguez, Jackson, Thelwell, Bauman. ?

thats MHO

No way we start two Canadian receivers

How about...

Preshae - Flick - Mitchell - Bauman

Ya, I said Flick.... the free agent.

I think Flick has burned his bridges around these parts

I would love to see DJ back here.

I could wear his jersey with pride again... lol

Lumsden won't stay to play FB. Williams is likely done in Steeltown. Printer's is invited to camp; may get released after training camp but it wouldn't surprise me to see him stay. Offensive tackles are hard to find. These will be imports. One maybe but hard to imagine two new starting tackles. I would hope for and expect to see an upgrade at MLB. I don't see the answer on the current roster. Keith starts. Caulley backs him up. Smith might make the team as a return guy but I would expect some competition. Jackson probably starts ahead of Mitchell. Flick, Thewell? No way to either. We have enough young talent on the rise. D-line needs an upgarde. Adams probably makes it, as will 1-2 of the Canadians, possibly as back ups.

Davis when he runs backwards is trying to make a big play.
He will learn and pick his spots. Can not blame him for trying to make a big play!

Love the age of our receivers.
This is one area where the team seems solid moving forward.
Chris Davis-24
Ernest Jackson-22
Jo Jo-25
Samuel Giguère-23
Chris Thompson-26.......just included him because he has more catches this year than a couple of guys that I listed above :slight_smile:

Anyways standing ovation to the staff for this young group of talented receivers to move forward with!!!

Offensive tackles will be JP Besaiack and Remple. That way we can go all Canadian…

D-line: Kashama, McKay Loesher, and Sasha Lancaster. 3-4 is what this teams needs. Sasha has the strength to play inside as the Nose tackle…

Rather go after Simon then Flick (Both should be Free Agents)

If we can't get Get Simon then Flick may due the Trick

We've got to forget about Simon. I've talked to him, he isn't coming here.
Nice guy, very personable and desire to leave BC at all. Lives
here full time. i think he would take a pay cut to stay in BC, rather than
accept any offer from Hamilton. First dropped ball in this town and your
hung out to dry.

This team has no prayer of landing any free agents. This has been a graveyard for free agents. Only reason Keith signed was that no one else could offer him any money. During the off season teams have the ability to hang on to their players.

Agreed. There is no way Simon or Flick will sign here. Not in the state this team is currently in. Besides I wouldn't want Flick back here.

8) Apparently Keith was quoted as saying that he would have preferred to return to Regina, but the big bucks that Hamilton offered him changed his mind in a hurry !!!!! :roll:

Exactly. 14 games in to the season, most teams are maxed out and can't take on any contracts. So Hamilton was in a good position as the only team with money and even then probably had to over pay. In feb. All teams can spend what they want and trim their roster at the end of camp. Hell the Ticats can't even extend their own free agents. They are in a bad spot. No credibility with players, coach, fans or media. They can thank Mitchell for that IMO.

Seven Non-Imports out of an 8 player O-Line and D-Line.
NO CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

Whats new, the Hammer has been the underdogs that nobody likes, its always been like this for many years. I know this is what keeps me a solid fan of this team. When we win its even sweeter. We always bet teams like TO and BC on a regular basis and i know were going to bet them again and how sweet it will be. :thup:

With who? The fans? Winning ballgames and performing will change that in a heartbeat.

If MM can come back here DJ can.

Don't know why but I see Flick in double Blue.

Mercifully, for the first time in awhile the team will go to camp with an intact, experienced rec. corps instead of odds and sods and rookies thrown together.The only exceptions being ,perhaps,Woodcock and Mitchell.
How soon everybody forgets how much the team desperately needed impact receivers and the know-nothing idiots in the front office :roll: went out and found some.

Of course this being Hamilton the focus will always be the negative and dwelling on the petty issues but how much the rec. corps is better compared to the last several years is a genuine accomplishment here.

I doubt Flick will be back. As pointed out above we have a core of good, young receivers. And most are
6'3" or more. We are just a couple of hands-transplants and 1 or 2 speed merchants away from the best receiving corps in the CFL. And maybe Davis or Cohen will be 1 or both of the speed merchants.

I think BO'B should spend any disposable cash on a couple of studs for OT - Canadian, American or Martian (probably any extra-terrestrials will be counted as NI). I hope they give Bekasiak a shot, he's got the size, but needs feet-transplants. The Rempels are good, but I think both are destined to be back-ups and ST.

First priority - sign Setta, long-term contract, even if we have to use most of the money committed to Printers.
Second priority - either a new DC, or get Stubler here, or we need 3 DL to play Creehan's D.

Flick is a "pantload".