Next Years Coaches

Simply speculation at this point, but I hope Rita remains with the team. I keep hearing stories he was not responsible for moves this season that did not work out...If Rita does remain, I think a HC candidate could be Matt Dunigan. He is firery & has ties to Toronto. Perhaps we could see Ricky Foggie come in as OC (currently has that job in an arena league). Those 2 have strong ties to Rita & the Argos. With all that went wrong in the 'Peg this year, if Greg Marshall comes available, he could fix our 600 point allowed defence....

Interesting off season for all the wrong reasons........

You don't think Pinball might be back on the sidelines?

Good question Fan, but the only reason I say no to that is because I believe Pinball has said he doesn't want to coach anymore.

Pinner was speculated as the "new" coach a week or two before Stubler was given his papers...

As nice as it would be to have him back, I think it's done in that regard.

Also, what's happening with the Don? He's not slated to coach for the Argo's next season?

The Don officially retired today.

Well, so who will it be next year?

I think we can assume the chances are high that Special Teams coach Simmons, defensive coordinator Kavis Reed, and offensive coordinator Steve Buratto will all be gone as well, and that's as it should be.

So the Argos will look for a new head coach, and hopefully let him pick his own staff.

Usual suspects: Richie Hall, Greg Marshall, Danny Barrett..............

Or maybe think outside the box and play it like the Als did and bring in a totally fresh face..............

Should make for a rather interesting offseason.

....IF the Argos don't give Ritchie Hall a 'real' shot at the head-coaching job....i would say they would be making a very big error.....This guy is the reason for the Riders success...When all of their big-guns were down....the 'd' kept them alive....and Hall was definitely the reason....Their present coach would be in a load of trouble if not for him.. :wink:

True Papa, and I do believe that (but for that aberration against Toronto) Richie Hall is hands down the top defensive coordinator in the CFL, and is deserving of most of the credit for the Riders' success this year (and their Grey Cup last year, frankly).

However, that said, recall that Toronto has in the recent past promoted two excellent defensive coordinators to the head coach position, Gary Etcheverry and Rich Stubler, and both fell flat on their faces in that role.

That might make the Argos a bit gun=shy of going that route again.

I think the Argos will go for a name coach mainly because they need media attention in a city that has so much going on. Its not like Winnipeg or Saskatchewan where they're the only major pro sport in town.
Mathews was a name coach but his time has come and gone.

David Braley spent the night on the sidelines with the Argo owners. Were they talking about a possible shift of Wally Buono to Toronto, or was David just scouting the Riders for the semi final. :slight_smile:

…true Madjack…it seems that T.O. were living and dieing with the success of their defence…you could be right about the …‘twice bitten’…HOWEVER… Hall is a unique type that could transcend the ‘one-trick-pony’ label…This guy is super smart…and i could see him taking on head-coaching duties better than Stubler…just my take… BUT IF I were a gm. i wouldn’t hesitate to let this guy take the next-step in the CFL… :thup:

Okay well this is my first post here and I am just glad that Don Matthews is gone.

After last night's fiasco with the direct snap on the punt I was furious. I stuck with this team all season in spite of the mounting losses, but to see such a horrible play call being made really says it all. The Argo's did not stand a chance when they went to Don Matthews. Nothing he did worked, from his player shuffles to his constant strategy changes.

Anyways, I will not be buying any more tickets or anything Argos unless Pinball himself comes back and rights this sinking (sunken now!) ship! He's obviously a much better coach than a front office manager.

Welcome to the site scootershooter.

Here's an article that slipped under the radar during Grey Cup week.

Argos eye Flutie as possible coach

I really hope Richie Hall doesn't become the Head Coach for Toronto because i am a big time rider fan and he is what makes our defence so awesome.

I read today that reported George Cortez is not interested in the Argo HC post. That eliminates a great great candidate. Beware of going the NFL route with Jim Fassell..remember Forest Gregg????

Tom Clements has come out and said he was not interested in the Argo job. I not surprised as I read an article a couple of years ago where he said basically the same thing, that he had no interest in coaching in the CFL. Reading between the lines he seemed bitter about something with the league.
It is starting to look like the BC lions assistant coach will get the job.

Which begs the question...............why?

Why is Mike Benavides such a hot prospect for HC?

Hasn't been mentioned before this season as a HC possibility; this was his first season as a D Coordinator, and I didn't see any great improvement in BC's defence over previous seasons (slight decline, in fact).

Richie Hall and Greg Marshall and Chris Jones have far superior resumes as D Coordinators than Benavides does, so why is he the front runner over those 3 for a head coach job?

I have no idea.

you idiots down the q.e.w can have all the ticats assistant coaches

Thanks ticatbill, Rogers Centre needs more concession stand workers!! Good hires in Hamilton....

I don't think they'll get anyone with a serious "resume" until they cleanup their front office.