Next Years Coach

Who are next years coaches going to be my prodictions are

if available i say

HC Danny Barret
OC Matt Dunigan
OL Dave Hack
DC Kavis Reed
ST Jermaine Erdman

If Kavis Reed happens to get fired too i say bring in Sudsy

Feel free to name your predictions :slight_smile:

For Offense:

For Defense:

Heck it can't be any worse than what we already have/had


I disagree with all of your predictions, but I don't have many to make at this stage.

I would take a long, hard look at coaches under existing contracts to see if their contracts can be bought out. Better than that, I would check to see whose contracts terminate at the end of the 2006 season and explore that possibility.
You may make a good point in putting up Matt Dunnigan's name as OC but your other selections are not appealing, to me anyway.

I watched Don Sutherin stumbling around the practice field during pre season drills and the man can't walk without pain which is very noticeable at this stage. I think his days as a coach are over, even though he WAS one of the better ones. If he were in better health, he'd be among my first picks to at least, run the defense.

It will be interesting to see where the team goes from here. I know one thing - They'll go nowhere without spending some bucks.

Mike Riley

HC- Steve Buratto
OC- Danny Barrett
DC-Kavis Reed
OL- Agreed Dave Hack
ST- Jermaine Erdman

Theres your coaching staff for 07 but Kavis Reed could be gone and for he's replacement meh i dont know.

I think that Hitchcock should be a part of the Ticats defence in years to come. He is practically one of the coaches already the way he leads in practice and in games.

Some of the potential coaches you guys are discussing here have no formal training as coaches.
We need experience in these areas; preferrably CFL experience and winning records.

Been there… done that… time for new ones

Ron Lancaster.

HC- Greg Marshall (from winnipeg not the former boss)
OC- Dave Ritchie
DC- Anyone but Reed
ST- Any of this years coaches they seem special

HC- More than Likely Charlie Taffee (he has interest in coming back to the CFL)
OC- One of Charlie's Buddies or himself
DC- It will be split, Kavis Reed will stay on (can't blame the defense as thewy been on the field a long time every game) and Rob Hitchcock if he retires
ST- Anyone but hopefully they might bring in Ozzy for the kicker/punter

hc-marshall(from winnipeg)
ass.oc/qb coach-danny mac(if available)
dc- marshall(sam as above)
st-anyone but erdman

gm..mike mcarthy