Next Year

so what everyone is saying right now is that next year were gonna be without Armstead, Dominguez, French, Keith, and richardson and i also here that YO is gonna retire o ya and we got yeast so next year isn't looking to good for the riders

Who is "everyone"?

Let's get through this year first before we start slitting our wrists over might-bes for next year.

Most of us are speculating..Its difficult to assertain who is Roy's Boy's and more importantly who Tillman wants to keep to meet the Cap.

Why are we talking about next year already? This year isn't done! Let's wait till after our final game, THEN we can talk about next year.

Yah no point in worrying about next year, should be hoping for a long playoff drive, and by the way who tillmans guys are, if we are going on that then armstead wouldnt be going anywhere since tillman brought him into ottawa, its all just speculation

Isn't your slogan "Just wait till Next Year?" :wink: :wink: :wink:

Have you heard or read with certainty that those players will not be back?

I am pretty sure that Dominquez and Keith will be here half way threw next season because they are in their option year. Plus NFL teams wont really look at Dominquez because he is getting to old, and it will be like the Armstrong situation where if they are 4th or 5th on the depth chart they take a younger player. French doesn't matter because he can't catch the ball.

Tank, do you honestly believe Speed? Come on... Matt Dominguez for sure isnt going anywhere... He is settled firmly here. Can you honestly see Eric Tillman getting rid of Armstead? Kenton Keith may not be here, but that is because of that incident he had at that club. Yo Murphy might retire, we will see. But if the Riders offered him a fair amount of money (what hes worth), i would be willing to bet that he'd be back. I dunno if the riders would want him back tho(see Travis Moore...).