Next year? Who do we want back?

I think 2021 has been a fairly successful year for the Argos except at the gate. A lot of good pieces brought in by Murphy and it showed on the field. But can they build on this and actually keep the better players. Some are getting a little old football wise and the younger good ones will try the NFL. I like the Canadian talent on this team with more in the pipeline. QB is still a question mark IMO.

I look forward to seeing Brescasin back and healthy. Our National talent at receiver is really strong.

I'm also not sure about MBT as fulltime starter. I think there's going to be a lot of QB turnover this off season all around the league. Who knows what the Argos will do in that regard.


Expect your team to be in a dogfight over Jake Maier. Ottawa wants him, Edmonton needs him, Calgary wants him back... maybe Toronto goes out and gets him.

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Didn't know that Maier will be a FA in February. Thought first year players had to sign a 1 + 1 year contract. That's interesting.

We'll see. There are soooo many one year contracts now in the CFL.

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Congratulations to Corey Mace on being named Defensive Co Ordinator. He put in the time.

The purge of Stampeders continues with the Argos showing considerable faith in Dinwiddie by going with another first timer. I can only assume Brendan Mahoney will be a player personnel / Assistant GM cnadidate should they choose to fill that role externally.

I see Jonathan Himebauch is coaching TE's at Air Force. Come back to the Argos Jon and Coach the OL again for a little while. Lol. Himebauch nevers seems to stays in one place more than a couple of years so it's about time for a move. I always thought he would make a great Head Coach but for some reason it has never happened.

Yes I would think Brescacin, Gittens, Noel and Rogers would be priorities at receiver. McCoil, Richards, Muamba would be defensive FA's I would want back. Bebe as your kicker. QB ? Maybe explore what the Harris camp is thinking. He is a more accurate passer IMO than MBT, but more fragile. Maybe there is a way to sign both.


I hadn't realized Bede was was a FA. He's definitely a priority to re-sign. I'm sure lots of teams would love to have him. BC, Winnipeg, and Hamilton for sure would.

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For all the fiddling they did with the receiving corp I liked the 2019 lineup with Derel Walker, Rodney Smith and Armanti Edwards more.

Chandler Worthy put in the hard work to win his spot and should be back.

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Forgot S.J. Green. One of the best ever.

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Sorry to hear McCoil is retiring at age 30. He is a HOF player IMO if he had played longer in the CFL. Going to be a hard guy to replace.

And the riders,and every other team wants him too

I believe he's already re-signed in Calgary.


The stacked training camp roster is going to leave at least three good receivers looking for work elsewhere.

Dres Anderson, Damion Jeanpierre, Daniel Braverman, Earnest Edwards are ELC gems in the making. Unless they make a deal to pay them for sitting on the practice roster they could be gone. Some will make the injury list.

Brissett and Gittens are National locks. Not sure what they do with Chandler Worthy? Probably six other good ones we just don't know yet. Somebody does not make the team.