Next Year Time

Painfully obvious now in case anyone wasn't convinced yet.

We've seen enough of Willy, he's going to get seriously hurt if he has to play against Cal, Edm & BC's defences coming up. Let Brohm and Marve take the beating and see what they got.

Auditions at RB & Receiver please.

The oline is buggered not much you can do with that now.

Keep eyes pealed for a new OC.

Defence, time switch to a 43 defence and audition for all front 7 positions on the line and linebacking corps, what a stupid idea that Etch defence was, did they think the opposition wasn't going to figure it out, just a total lack of respect for your opponents.

Keep eyes pealed for a new DC.

Osh gets a pass as he's a rookie HC and pretty much just a cheerleader for now.

A middle linebacker who doesn't take multiple major penalties each and every game would be a pleasant change as well I should think.

Yup, part of the new front 7.

And don't you think almost any other coach would have benched him before it got out of hand. An injury stopped the parade...... I totally agree with letting the backup QBs take over. We already know Willy is the guy......... I like O"Shea but I think he's got to smack some sense into the players and stop trying to be one of the guys. A HC is a motivator, not a buddy !

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Marcel Bellefeuille is a perennial mediocrity. The guy keeps getting OC jobs, but his offences have never been better than average. Sure, he might have a hot start to a season, or a good finish in a lost year, but from bell to bell, from game one through playoffs, he's never managed to field a consistent, productive offence after over 10 years in the league. From SSK to MTL to HAM to now WPG, he's been Mr. Mediocre. When in Montreal (2007), he had an all-star receiving corps, an all-star Canadian O-line, and the future Hall of Famer Anthony Calvillo at his disposal. And what was the result? We gave up a league-high number of sacks, our offence couldn't frighten a three-year-old child, and we finished with a losing record, finally getting eliminated in the semifinals because we got stuffed on a third-down gamble.

The league needs new coaching blood. Bellefeuille is a relic from a previous era. He can't win, get rid of him.

Well I'm not a MB apologist but lets be clear about the 2007 Als team

Popp was the HC all year
He hired a new OL coach who caused a mutiny because of his system
Calvillo left the team for last 5 games because of wife's llness
They finished 8-10
Marcus Brady was QB through the last 5 game and playoffs
They lost by 2 to Winnipeg in playoffs

I am shocked by MB's play-calling on 2nd and short---3 yards needed and he goes deep. He's done that so often this year. I'm assuming that is his call not Willy's.

But as much as I like Etch...he's stubborn guy swimming upstream. Usually the result is drowning. That's the major change I'd make. And get some beef on the D. The defense is killing the offense IMO.

Just a thought using the baby and bathwater metaphor

You have a QB leading the league in yardage
he has 66 % completion rate

You have second leading receiver in yards

You have 3rd leading rusher

Not too shabby

So MB has to be part of that success.

And I see no reason why you would consider shutting down your QB now. He's in his first year as starter. And you are one game out of playoffs with 4 to go.

Wish lists for next year already? Ok I'm game:

  1. New MLB. Lordy would I love to see a guy like Marcellus Bowman or a clone in that spot since we won't see Henoc back. Athletic and a hard hitter. I like Ian Wild but I think he's overmatched in the middle. And I think we're all done with Kuale, or should be.

  2. Some maturation from O'Shea as a coach. I like that he's a players coach, defends them, etc. But too much of that can be a detriment. Loyalty to the wrong players thinking you can coach them up to stop making mistakes will only drag him and the team down. Also O'Shea and Walters giving their old Queen's coach the special teams job is nice on paper but hasn't worked out. Special teams mistakes have hurt the bombers way too much. And while he can respect Etc and his system, they need to work together to tweek it. We can't win many football games giving up a matchup advantage to every team we play by using tweeners at so many spots. I mean, c'mon, we converted a back 230 lb-ish NI LB into a DL. That's nonsense. Less loyalty, more leadership.

  3. Competition for RB. Grigsby had done a nice job with ball security and has had some big gains for a guy who's been playing baseball the last few years. But is there another starting RB that has as many negative yardage plays? OK, OL play is an issue but we've had 1000 yard rushers with a bad Oline before. Last year's oline wasn't very good either and Ford and Simpson averaged a yard better per carry. Grigsby sits 3rd in the CFL in rush yards but has the worst average at under a 5 yard avg/carry which IMO is the benchmark for good full time back in the CFL. And despite his spot in the rushing rankings we have the worst run game in the CFL. He's hesitant heading up the middle trying to find a hole instead of just trying to pound a hole. Guys like Reid and Roberts were small but charged up the middle of a bad oline. We need more fight from this position for those tough yards up the gut and Grigsby is going down easy. We can't keep a running attack that can only work outside the tackles.

  4. Oline, obvious and easier said then done. Lawless says go after Heenan. Would be a nice get and payback for them nabbing LaBatte, but I won't hold my breath. I have to say, I expected more with Wylie as the Oline coach, even with the crop of guys we have. Injuries have played a role but it just seems like it's a progressive downward spiral for the line. I'm expecting a shakeup at Oline this offseason with some prospects that have been here for a while in hopes they will develop being shown the door. We've tinkered a bit here and there year after year but little results. The whole position group needs a bit of a jolt. Greaves and Goosen will be back for sure, probably Morely and January if not traded. The rest of the guys shouldn't hold their breath if they don't have a big stretch run here. I won't be happy with more tinkering.

  5. Common sense. Thank you slant. The bathwater isn't all foul. Leggett I think was a great find, Teague Sherman has just had a wonderfully unexpected season, and I think we've found our kicker for a long while in Hajrullahu, and a returner with game breaking potential in Soudemire. Willy has the tools to be an upper echelon QB in the CFL if we get him some help and Marve looks like a wonderful prospect. We took a hit early losing Lucas from our NI rotation on the D side. Another year to add some NI talent will help immensely and it should be a good draft year. Our pass attack is 3rd in the league, despite Willy taking a beating and not having our "star" receiver for most of the season. The pass D is currently 3rd best in the CFL in yards allowed. Maybe that's because the run D is the worst and teams are running it against us so much, but I'd like to see how good they can be if we actually could stop the run. We're currently on pace to put up 55 more points compared to 2013 and shave off 115 pts allowed. This team has give up 530 plus pts a year for the last 2years and, barring any wild games, we're projecting towards 470 for this year. I think statistically the team is trending in the right direction.

  6. Difficult roster decisions. This one is on Walters and he'll need to step up to the plate. If we fall out of the playoff race, January may be of interest to a playoff club. We may have to part with one of our stalwart veteran OL to get better next year with either a good draft pick spot or potential player in return. I'm not sure what the market may be right now for an international OL but if one happens to get hurt we could be in a good position to deal. Again, loyalty to some players needs to be checked for the better of the roster. In this case I'm looking at a guy like Sears - good player but he's hurt himself more than he's hurt the opposition. I'm not sure he's capable of making the kind of impact I've hoped and expected him to make. I'd certainly listen if another GM was interested in him as a depth guy for the playoffs.

Wolverine...good analysis.
Re trades to playoff teams: The trading deadline used to be Oct 9. Can't find the new one but I presume it is approaching within days.

''''Lots to look forward to next year'''...Where have I heard that before...We're still breathing but on life support, so we can't write the year off just yet....Doesn't look good with the schedule we have left BUT ........I luv how the brainiacs have our remaining games laid out....Both Cal. and the Leos coming off bye weeks when we meet up for crucial games :lol: :lol: We sure didn't get any favours from the league in that dept. this year...Have to hope that we aren't blown off the map in schmoeville and it destroys what little confidence we have left...It'll most likely be next year for sure, if we drop this one and our bye week at the end of the schedule ,will give the guys an early start on packing up the garbage bags... :wink:

I don’t think we’re on life support. Mathematically we’re still in a playoff hunt but IMO that’s not realistic, even if we add another win or two. The Eastern teams have started to add a few Ws so the crossover is looking a little less likely, unless the Lions suddenly go on a tear. Frankly, I don’t even see the Lions catching the hapless Riders sans Durant. Even if we win another game or two we won’t get in.

The schedule has been unlucky and the bombers have been so as well. Durant gets hurt in his last season game vs the Blue so the other teams around us get a chance to beat up on the suddenly struggling Riders. We probably won’t get to face Tate at the QB for the Stamps who hasn’t looked as good as BLM, and with our luck Cornish will be healthy for our two meetings. (note: I did not get to see the Stamps v Riders game last week, so my comments are based on my thoughts on the weeks prior). The schedule makers also been “kind” enoughr put both of our bye weeks late in the season, putting us at a disadvantage vs other teams that were fresher from early season off weeks.

I get the disappointment and frustration, papazoola. All Blue fans would like to return to the days of a being a perennial playoff team and finally getting that Grey Cup drought off our backs. But I went into the season with fewer expectations. This team was dreadful last year and needed a major overhaul. The reality is this was a brutal offseason to be a team that needed an overhaul - expansion draft and addition of a new team that needed players to compete for FAs, changes to the entry draft rules which pushed out a large number of prospects to the 2015 draft, a move to the tougher Western division, and the whole CBA mess. It’s just unreal everything that went on this offseason. It’s quite difficult to remove so many warts under those conditions. Conditions should be better this year. A deeper draft, the FA pool looks to be a bit deeper, and there won’t be a team looking to fill half an empty roster through FA. We got 3 wins better this year than last so far, and we haven’t been blown away like in years past, we’ve been competitive in most of our losses. A couple more improvements to the lineup should get us those extra 2-3 wins to make us really push for a playoff spot.

After having such a great start and the promise of better things to come, it's hard not to be dejected. I would much rather they started out 1 and 5 and improved in the next several games, than the way it did unfold.

....I'm in the same boat as you Dan....Did we have unrealistic expectations? In a league with this many teams and the 'thought' that everyone has a fair shot at making the post season....hmmmmmm..failure...I don't think the proper coaching was there from the beginning...We took on a 'consolation hire' , when we didn't get Stubler and a little red flag went up for me there...The special teams coaching has been ...well ,plain and simply crap...In an area where we were supposed to be strong...When I mentioned it at the very beginning of the year ,about the sloppy tackling on kick returns, my concerns only increased ,with each passing game,until we regressed to the point of...well, plain and simple crap... We did start to turn it around a bit eventually, to the point of where it's acceptable but still not where we should be...O Line has been a giant fail...The americans we use are inferior and that's a problem when you waste other potential starting spots and go with pylons...Greaves, Morley, Neufeld and Goosen are the only ones I want to see back next year...the others are on the bubble....I'm not that excited about our play calling offensively either...Red zone calls have had me scratching my head and we could do better than Bellfueille , I think....I know we're going to stick with Mike O...He has the 'right stuff' to take this team out of the hinterlands...Will we be better next year???Potential is there IF the right offseason moves are made, we could be a contender...BUT like I said , we've heard this song and dance before...AND the way things look right now we've got a long road and it's 24 years and counting :cry:

Agreed !

I have to agree, it feels worse because our wins were loaded up early in the season and we're now dealing with a big losing streak with little hope closing out the year. If the wins were sprinkled throughout the course of the season there would be less disappointment all around. Unfortunately, our schedule was top loaded with struggling eastern teams and we were healthier than we are now. Once the injuries hit our lack of depth showed.

Among the interesting changes in the offseason will be what happens with the coaching staff. Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to recall that Bellefeuille's deal was only a 1 year? And is Etch safe considering the defensive deficiencies? Does it make sense to keep a defensive coach where you have to tell a a guy like Alex Hall we don't want you because you don't fit the system? Isn't the hallmark of a great coach being able to take in players and scheme to utilize their talents and make them excel? And considering the special teams issues all season long, will O'Shea and Walters keep their former Queens coach in Tracy? I could see all 3 kept, all 3 let go, and anything in between.

I'll stick with my original to do list, what a mess.

Bombers came a long way. As expected they ran out of depth... More free agents will be interested next time around, a real good draft is expected and stability in the front office all should make the Bombers a better team next season.

Where have I heard that before ?

I tend to blame Marcel and Etch more so than the depth excuse, they're just not the coordinators you need to get over the hump.

I'd be tempted to hang on to TheMarcel but I'd lose Etcheverry asap.