Next year? - Well this year we beat Eske's back to back 2=0, Wpg (but only after they shut us out 29-0), and Calgary (early on). We could still beat Wpg on Oct 15 as they have large problems as well.

We also lost a couple close ones early on.

However in game 16 (when I'm sure there's enough gel in the team (hair, etc), how many yard did Maas throw first half? 2nd?

Defence was decent all of the games - special teams improved - if we had an offence that could move the ball = better than 4-14.

Maas and Eakin: YOU ARE our overall weakest link!
(and we can't blame the throwin' Samoan, coach
Marshall etc), anymore.

I think we do need to be very careful and sensistive about any mental illnesses and or name calling.

Ronnie will be gone (and he should have never been there).

Again a great overall core of players - but honestly absent are:

Consistency at QB- and any quality back up if #1 goes down or goes ice cold -

Punter - improved as season went on - but still?
FG- sorry borehamgirl - again Jamie showed us what he can and can't do - worth another try for sure.

Yes other areas - but these are the critical scoring /field position ones which is why we lost - more than what we allowed, as we didn't when we needed to.



Well all i know is , there isnt a team in the CFL who would trade thier recievers for ours !!!! Who on our team is anywhere near as good as Geroy Simon ?? Thier QBS did nothing special except throw the ball up deep to Simon and of course the man came down with it , because he my friends is AWESOME !!!!

Bob , you have to get us our Geroy Simon . That is first and foremost our biggest need .

Geroy is a superlative receiver. He also had someone competent throw the ball to him.

Terry Vaughn is the league leading overall receiver, DJ has has 1000 yd seasons, we cut YEAST- yea yea Morealle etc - they don’t throw themselves the ball! And evidently the record most of this year, neither did our missing QB! GEROY WOOULD BE AN AVERAGE RECEIVER in the CFL on a BELOW OVERAGE CFL OFFENCE with a sub par QB and playbook.

FLICK would be one of top in league with BC- as would Vaughn, etc - Get My drift? :o

THIS YEAR - and a few in the past recent as well.

I resent the mental illness comment. Its clear Maas needs help with his approach to the game and councelling is the only way to get that help. That in no way suggests that he suffers from mental illness. Give it up

Maybe you mean coaching?

Still doesn't adress a quality back up and other next year needs - good try - peace and let's keep together Ti-cat fans - the team needs US too! :lol:

We cannot beat the elite teams in this league with the coaching situation we have on anything approaching a reasonable basis. We will have to wait 2007 to see how this gets rectified.

We have roster needs, but I think we have a pretty good core on defence in particular. My main contention with the lack of performance this year is that we've had very few instances of effective in-game and halftime adjustments by the coordinators. Put a relatively young team out on the field with outcoaching happening on a regular basis and 4-14 type campaigns can creep up.

I won't get into the Maas debate because no QB in Canada could be successful on a regular basis with the way the offense operates, period. I hope Desjardins and company can recruit new blood at QB that can provide a meaningful QB competition at next year's training camp. I hope Jason can heal and bounce back next season. That being said, a Charlie Taaffe or Rich Stubler-style HC would be a necessary breath of fresh air. I think it's safe to say we will have experienced coordinators with a clue come 2007. A playbook from day one that is a better fit for the personnel we have/we plan to have is essential next year.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why bother?
Maas is a lost cause. He ought to on a train back to Edmonton right now.

Why bother?
Maas is a lost cause. He ought to be on a train back to Edmonton right now.

I'd have to say that there isn't a player on any team that is as good as Geroy Simon. Yes, he's my pick for Most Outstanding Player this year. And unfortunately, I don't consider it very likely he will be brought here.

But I should point that the team certainly could use a standout receiver. Any receiver even close to being as good as Simon would be great to have. That's why in the off-season, I was hoping the team would sign Jason Tucker. But I knew that was unlikely to happen.

Anyway, in short, it's important to note that there is more wrong with the offense than quarterbacking and coaching.

Please dont compare Vaughn to Geroy Simon . Vaughn was once a great reciever now he is up there in age and has slowed down a whole lot . Simon is the best player in the CFL bar none IMO . The throws to him were nothing special , just toss ups that he of course came down with .