Next Year in London -- one, some, most or all?

This from Frank Zicarelli's article following the Fantuz introduction to the Hamilton area media:


Andy Fantuz has maintained a connection with his alma mater and the city of London, ties that are certain to be strengthened.

While nothing is official, it’s looking like the Ticats will play at the University of Western Ontario in 2013 when Ivor Wynne Stadium gets remodelled, a scenario that excites Fantuz.

“I hope that happens because it’ll be great,’’ Fantuz said on Tuesday when he was formally introduced by the Ticats.?

The complete article:

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Further reading around shows Stephen Brunt saying "likely a few:"

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Be nice if they ask the fans or at least take a pole on where we would like them to play in 2013 as its the fans that pay to see and support this time threw out the decades of great football! As I won't be travel 2.5hrs ONE WAY to go see them! Id rather see some games at the Rogers Center and move in some benches to McMaster!

Bruce, when I go to London to visit family, it's an hour and 20 minute drive and much more relaxing traffic wise than going to Toronto. In fact if there is a music group just playing in Toronto or London, we choose going to London sometimes depending on the days available because of the more relaxed drive even though it's a longer distance.

And TD Waterhouse is a better stadium than the RC for football, it is a football stadium, not nearly as fancy of course and does have a track but with even just ok weather, it beats the RC hands down, even with aluminum benches. Nice part of old London North as well on the Thames River. I'm biased of course having grown up in London and gone to university there.

Don't think there's a need to ask the fans. I would think that the fans' concerns are at the forefront of their decision.

Mark Cohon said as much in an interview the other day on PTS.

London makes sense as it is still close enough to Hamilton fans, and it can serve as a major , marketing effort towards their regionalization ambitions, especially with Fantuz being a former Western Mustang. If they can put on a great game day experience, hopefully they can hook many STHs from the London area.

In fact it seems to me as if they've already started that with all the repeated references to Fantuz, a Chatham boy, "coming home".

If you're going to lose money at Mac, or any other CIS facility with additional temporary seating, they might as well use it as a marketing expense by showcasing the team in the region. In that case I'd like to see half the games in London, and half in K-W/Guelph areas.

BTW, Guelph's stadium is being upgraded. Not sure for when. ... 11629.aspx

LOL How many speeding tickets do you get Bro, lol! As when i googled it it tell me its 125 km, 1 hour 52 mins one way, with no traffic! Be nice then if they arrange bus trips with even a overnight stay in London, cause all this is speculation anyways, but it sure would be nice to hear something from the Ti-Cat Organization, instead of reading for now RUMOURS from other sources!
Either way I'm sure ill be making the trip to London if thats the case.

That surprised me. :? When I googled UWO's TD Waterhouse stadium to IWS, it showed 138km, or 1 hour, 54 minutes.

[url=,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=909&ix=sea&ion=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=university+of+western+ontario&fb=1&gl=ca&hq=university+of+western&hnear=0x4cce05b25f5113af:0x70f8425629621e09,Ontario&cid=0,0,6074362482906196272&ei=LwVFT-WiM4eM0QGA1tixBA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CBIQ_BI] ... d=0CBIQ_BI[/url]

Almost 2 hours to drive 130Km, you should get rid of that car! I think most of us will do that in just over an hour.

Rogers Centre seems the logical choice if they can get some type of agreement with the Jays. It takes a long time to set up a football configuration, so they may have some problems with the Jays and the Argos schedule. It may make sense to play Ticat home games the day after the Argos so they would leave the field configured for football.
I'm sure they are having discussion with the Jays and the Argos right now and doing a cost analysis to see what the cheapest option is going to be. Toronto is ideal for the fans because of the GO Train, VIA, buses and easy to drive to.

Nice to see Guelph is upgrading their facilitiies. :thup:

True enough mike about public transit to Toronto, that is a plus for sure.

Yes, the Rogers Centre would be the most prudent and logical choice for the majority of Cats "home" games in 2013 with possibly a couple games in London.

The problem with London's TD Waterhouse Stadium is that permanent seating is a mere 8,000 and can only be expanded to a maximum 16,000 with temp seats.
To play all 10 "home" games here may be far too costly in terms of reno's and loss of ticket revenue, unless prices are increased dramatically.

Regardless, the Toronto/Hamilton matchups during 2013 should be played at the dome IMO.

Ok got to stick my 2 cents worth in and look at this from a Ticat business point of view.

Playing in Toronto makes no business sense for the team; it caters only to the select few fans that feel a Go train ride to Toronto is handier and does 100% nothing to increase the Ticat fan base, if anything it would do more to decrease it.

Lets face it the Argo’s do not need more competition.
The Rogers Centre is not providing quality dates (days of the week) to the Argos now. What makes us think that this can work adding another football team?

How does playing there do anything for the Ticats or the CFL when the weak fan base can not fully support the existing team?

The London idea answers more questions and can help to build a stronger Ticat and CFL fan base down the road, it provides stability for the homeless season. As a bonus to the league it provides a great gauge as to the test expansion market which by population base alone has to include the London area.

One last consideration has to be the cost of erecting a temporary 20000 seat stadium at TD Waterhouse vs. the rental costs that the Rogers Corporation would want for 10 Ticat dates. IMO I think there would be considerable help from the league, the City of London as well as Western Ontario U to make the Hamilton/London Tiger Cats a great success in 2013.

London is not all that far, so many great events could be planed from car pool parades to bus trips and room for those who arrive early to meet and greet (I wont say tailgate but)

As a fan if I had a say, it would be set up in London for the entire season.

How CFL friendly would Rogers be towards the Tiger-Cats in terms of costs and availability?

Good luck getting dates at the Rogers Centre. The Bills just lost their preseason game there due to scheduling conflicts ( supposedly)

For the Bills, the series has served as an opportunity for the team to expand its market into Canada's largest city and financial capital. For Rogers, it was regarded as an opportunity to bring the NFL to Toronto, and for the communications giant to build ties with North America's most lucrative sport.

The series has so far paid off for the Bills, who have experienced a significant boost in season-ticket sales from fans in southern Ontario, who now represent about 15 percent of the team's base.

"Our core goal is to continue to regionalize our franchise," Brandon said, "and continue our series in Toronto, which has served us so well."

The Bills announced Tuesday that they are losing their preseason game at Toronto this summer as a result of scheduling conflicts at Rogers Centre. The preseason game will now be played at Orchard Park.

The Bills will still play their scheduled regular-season game at Toronto, which will be determined once the NFL schedule is released in the next two months.

The Bills already had among the NFL's lowest ticket prices. And they're coming off a season in which they failed to sell out their final three home games last year.

The team's season-ticket base dropped to 37,555 last year, down from 44,000 the previous season. The Bills blamed the drop on the NFL lockout wiping out most of the offseason, when the team generates most of its sales.

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[quote="CaptainKirk"]How CFL friendly would Rogers be towards the Tiger-Cats in terms of costs and availability?

Good luck getting dates at the Rogers Centre. The Bills just lost their preseason game there due to scheduling conflicts ( supposedly)

Yes even the mighty Bills are starting to fall at Rogers Centre, this is a cancellation of convenience and cost, nothing more nothing less.

This is what I think they will do
preseason: Mac
2 home games against the Argos, both played in Toronto
2 games on the east cost back to back weeks for cost savings
2 games in London
1 game in Kitchener Laurier
1 game in Guelph
1 game at Mac

Spreading the CFL brand as aforementioned sounds great in theory, (I’d love to see each city listed above as a host) however, would not the costs of such an undertaking be prohibitive? (as well as placing additional fan confusion)
Each venue would have to be upgraded substantially to meet certain CFL criteria/capacity etc which may negate such a diverse amount of locations.

It doesn't matter what CIS stadium you play in your not going to get very many seats in. If the Ticats don't mind accepting that lose in revenue this would be a good way to move things around. It all depends on what the Cats want out of this...

2013 is going to be a train-wreck of a season.

with that said, i hope the cats play some games in London!

For the past decade I've compared the Tiger-Cats product on the field as a travelling it actually is!

I would think that it depends on the stadium. The Cohon interview a few days back mentioned the high cost of erecting temporary seating. Can't see them doing that in multiple locations, nor could I see them not doing it at any location as the CIS stadia seating capacities are quite small.

If the Ticats don't mind accepting that lose in revenue this would be a good way to move things around. It all depends on what the Cats want out of this...
I dunno. Even if temporary seating is not erected, they've still got to accommodate other aspects like media access, locker rooms, concessions, all things that will cost.

It'll be interesting to see how the numbers end up being crunched. I'm afraid there is potential for huge losses here.

Check out this Sun artice that pulls no punches about the disaster that is Bills in Toronto.

Bye-bye Bills: Rogers says no thanks to more Buffalo exhibition games in Toronto. Trouble is, does anyone care?

Unofficially, there will be speculation and suggestions that dumping the August game from the Rogers Centre schedule is due to a “potential lack of interest?. Or at least a lack of interest in spending a week’s grocery money to watch a bunch of guys who are mere weeks from playing in the Indoor Football League.

Reality lies somewhere between the two.

Let’s just say that Rogers Media, which bought the eight-game series in 2008, isn’t sorry to say good-bye to the biggest mistake since Enron — or the Edsel.