next year head coach

who do you guys think will be next year head coach let me know hamilton

Charlie Taaffe

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Chris Jones Montreal's def coordinator, Cortez or Condel Sask's o.c.

Was Taffee fired from Montreal?

If not I would assume his move to Maryland would have been a step up for his career.

He left Montreal because Maryland offered him good money to go back to the states.

He no longer has that position in Maryland and is quoted as saying he would be interested in the Hamilton job.

C.T, :thup: after checking the link, is he available now?? what about assistant head coach Paopao

Apparently he is available. Mr Katz has said that he is one of many candidates, so at least we know he will get a look.

Thanks for your post. It truly clears the air about Taaff's past records which speak for themselves.

He would definitely be my choice for head coach in Hamilton next year and hopefully, Ticat management will pursue this man and get him into Hamilton on a long term contract.

For me, it would be Rich Stubler, defensive coordinator of the Argos. I think Taaffe and Jones would also be solid choices.

Understand that Rich Stubler has a big connection with the Cats of the mid-eighties and was an important ingredient to the Cup-winning defence of 1986.

My preference is to have a head coach with a defensive background. That being said, Crash is right to hype Taaffe because he has the coaching experience and CFL familiarity to make him a solid choice.

Oski Wee Wee,

As for Charlie Taaffe....

He's an unrestricted free agent. Schultzie and I have talked about him as a possible fit a couple of times.

In fact last Friday we had Jim Popp on the show and I asked him about Coach Taaffe. He said he was going to meet up with him that day and that Taaffe is still between assignments.

Well i`ll bet Popp will be trying to get Taffe to come back to Montreal next season as Mathews probably doesnt have to many seasons left in him . Lets hope he gets an interview at least with Hamilton .

Mike what do you know about Mike Riley ? where does he coach now ?


Coach Riley is still at Oregon State. He's not going anywhere.

Ok thank you Mike we can scratch him off our list .

I wonder what Tom Clements is doing now ??? .... lol .....

"The Don" (Matthews). Regardless of his mercurial personality, I think that with his "shock and awe" style, I think he is the only candidate that would be able to take the team to the Grey Cup in his first season here (Rogers Centre , 2007)

Charlie Taaffe would be a good second choice, but I think he would need a year or two to rebuild the team.

Either way, I think the next HC should already have CFL head coaching experience (not the time to gamble on an assistant)

Point well taken. A head coach with plenty of defensive experience is a good way to go.
This said, I agree also, that Taaff has to be considered a front runner because of his coaching successes which have been evident everywhere.

If we could peel Steubler off of the Argo's, it would have a "double click" effect, as it would open a hole in the Double Blue that would be hard to fix, and step us up a notch or two, as Kavis Reed seems a bit weak as a DC...if Matthews leaves for a well earned retirement, the Als will likewise have a hole in the boat, and competition for experienced CFL HC's will be at a premium...

We don't want to pay the premium dollars, if we don't have to...I'd sooner latch on to premium players that must tumble out of those franchises...

My thoughts only, and I haven't thought about it a lot...but lets be cohesive and maintain thoughts, direction and course as we go to a new season...

Tom Clements is the quarterback coach with the Green Bay Packers.

Oski Wee Wee,

Greg Marshall (defensive coordinator, Winnipeg) would also be an interesting candidate.

Stubler, Taaffe, and that Greg Marshall would be my top three choices at the moment. Taaffe has the advantage of being a free agent. One possible defensive coordinator route the next HC should explore is having Deke McPhee as the new DC next year. For all of us who loved Don Sutherin over the years, Deke provides a bridge to the future. His years with Sudsy have served him well -- his love for the team and city make him a strong candidate to consider moving into 2007.

Oski Wee Wee,

Incidently, I believe Stubler's current contract ends at the conclusion of this year (that is the impression I have from reading the Argos website)...

Oski Wee Wee,