Next year for Reilly

Harris is the best of the four.

Jennings is the worst.

Franklin has yet to show that he is better than Lulay

Harris is the best of the four.

Jennings is the worst.

Franklin has yet to show that he is better than Lulay

Well if you were GM and seen first hand Lulay’s problems or Collaros would you sign them to 3-year contracts. Thought so! So younger Qb’s are in, Remember BC giving up Reilly for nothing!! Winnipeg got Nichols for Zero. But give up on good young players with limited offense line players. What basket can you pull these players from??

I would sign Harris if I could.

Lulay I would not sign because of his injuries and possibly declining ability.

Franklin may yet prove himself but I thought he would be better by now.

Don’t know what to make of Jennings.

Of course, one could take a chance with any of the later 3 depending on what it took to sign them.

Jennings has the best tool-kit of all the possibles.

Lulay has the greatest leadership qualities - but a propensity to get injured via the old QB bug-a-boo, hanging onto the ball til the last micro-second possible - and BEYOND!

Collaros, to me is like a white Kevin Glenn. Lots of fire 'n fury from a relatively small man. No incentive to gallop anymore as he knows his next hit could be his last one. Doesn’t even possess the gun Glenn still possesses (at 40) although Glenn is a guesser and Collaros is tall enough to see more field.

Smiley Franklin is an enigma, pure and simple. Seems to have all the tools that guys like Jennings or Masoli have - except he can’t translate them to on-field success (thus far). Don’t think he’ll be written off though - he played in a suppressed system in Toronto - with a head coach suffering from depression (family matters distraction) who wasn’t putting a full days work into the team.

Bridge seems a decent guy who can chuck the football with the best of them. Doesn’t have the greatest of football minds - but I said the same thing of Michael O’Shea and he’s come a long way in the last year and a half.

Whats obvious in current CFL? There’s still room for a career backup like Kevin Glenn. Darian Durant could probably have a spot on most CFL rosters - if he tempers his scammer’s downstroke (signing bonus) and can shield all takers from his shot-putting, shot-like-crazy arm. (ie. signing on reputation rather than a fully worked-up tryout)

Well I think Saskatchewan could make sense. . . Reilly did win a Grey Cup playing under Chris Jones, after all.

Don’t know how well the 2 of them got along, though.

Nothing surprises me much anymore but Reilly leaving after Mass got the go ahead for another season would .

I felt the Maas support was for the sake of Reilly .