Next year for Reilly

will Reilly stay in ED because he likes Edmonton and Maas?

will Reilly come to BC because of Hervey, and who wouldn’t rather live here?

Does Reilly have a good relationship with C. Jones to take him to Regina?

These questions assume that everyone offers him the same money.

Then again, how much will money affect Reilly’s decision?

As much as I would like Reilly back here in BC, I think he would make a perfect fit in Sask, iffen he gets along well with the coaches.

Mike Reilly will definitely re-sign with Edmonton. Forget Saskatchewan or BC or elsewhere.


Seriously do you really believe that? I’m going to assume it was a tongue in cheek comment.

I am not dissing Edmonton, just saying that BC lower mainland is a destination of choice for many. Something I wish was not true as there are way too many people here

and it was also somewhat tongue in cheekish :slight_smile:

The Esks will match any offer Reilly receives, he ain’t goin’ anywhere.

Reilly will be the flavor of the 2018 offseason for riderville, last year it was Franklin as you all recall

I could see BC really being interested in Reilly. They need to regenerate some fan interest.
Arceneaux and Solly will be priced out of that scenario, probably in all scenarios actually.

Reilly has a lot of high mileage on that body tho. All of a sudden he’s soon to be 35 with 10,000 hits.

My odds on the Mad Hatter (Reilly) signing in various places are as follows:

Edmonton - 75%
Regina - 14%
Vancouver - 10%
Elsewhere - 1%

Edmonton would have to screw up something fierce on the salary front - although as some have pointed out, they’ll tell Reilly (and his agent) that they’ll match or match plus 2.5% any other CFL offers.

Note - my above odds include CFL teams only. If Bo-L Mitchell can glom onto an NFL team, then why not Reilly, too? More powerful arm than Mitchell - ability to scramble for yards vs. just re-setting the pocket like Mitchell. Reilly a couple years older but you can’t tell me he wouldn’t be a serviceable #1 on at least 3 NFL teams and a solid #2 on at least half the NFL teams. Also - #2 NFL QBs pay 1.5 to 3 million U.S.$, #1s could be anywhere up to $5 million (for a CFL guy) far more for college high draft superstars or NFL free agents.


I wouldn’t. Vancouver is way too rainy and the winters aren’t nearly cold enough. In fact they’re wimpy and unCanadian.

Don’t count out the new AAF, could be an exodus of free agents going next year, which would suck for us. :’(

He will end up an ARGO!

It would not surprise me. However, as well as the $ it will greatly depend on who the new HC is?
How about we first sign the offensive mastermind Paul LaPolice as the HC and then Reilly.
What a combo.

2 chances Reilly signs with the Argos and slim just left town!

Much like how folks predicted Franklin would follow Jones … don’t believe for a second the wishful dreams of fans.

The only person who knows where he will play next year is Rielly. Every player going into FA wants healthy competition for thier service … on he field it’s about winning the game … off season is about getting the best contract.

Would love to see him as a rider but it still doesn’t change that we need a 20 something in the system being prepared.

CBA negotiations will play a major role in deciding where he will play. (and for how much)

So refreshing to see a player wearing something other than a stupid baseball cap.

He is such a class act too, would be welcomed by any team.

He could come to Calgary too. Don’t rule that out

But AAF contracts are only worth $250,000 US over three years. Reilly makes more than that up here, even if it is in Canadian dollars.

It’s not the top talent you need to worry about. It’s the middle and bottom