Next Year Discussions

Well, I know I'm already anxietious and that means at least some of you are. What would you like to see? Or ask info on? or Discuss on this forth coming season?

I'd like to know how things with Graham Harrel progress.
i'd also like to know what drection our running game is going.. and how our o-line looking for next year.

who's got contracts up?

any people you'd like to see signed? or let go ? -i can think of one i'd like to see let go, but i dont want to be the first one to say anything on that ..

oh pigskin god, i miss my riders =(

I agree with you, I am very anxious to see Harrell in action, we need to shore up our QB game, behind Darian. DD went strong this year, but even with 5 QB's on the paper, what would have happened if he went down? We need to clean up the house a bit in that dept. If the Graham hype is true, then we'll have a great one two punch, once he develops.

I think it will be finally nice to put the subject of "whom we are not allowed to speak of" finally to rest, being that court is today, and we can proceed in the business of football.

Players I DEFINATELY want signed:

Fantuz, Baggs, Foord, Frenette, Kornegay, Morgan, Parenteau, Patrick, Walker

Players that I'd gladly have back, should they still wish to play:
Davis, Schultz, Szarka,

Players I'm on the fence about
Cates, Jyles, Adams, CHERNIAWSKI, and Washburn

I think these are players we can either improve upon, or I just dont know the player.

Not sure why but im thinking that Jyles will find his way to the peg, and Cates, you can come to training camp, but please have that extra burst that you used to have if not, im happy with hugh charles and neil hughes / szarka =)

It'll also be interesting who the other teams might not be able to sign. Maybe we get James or Jovon Johnson back? Would we be able to pry Jamal Johnson out of Double blue? What about Diamond Ferry or Kerry Carter? John Bowman?

droools on self well at least this is some kind of football news ( FA list ) to tid my cravings down some. I can't wait for the season since i now live in Hongcouver and school may have cheap ticket deals available =)

As far as Stevie Baggs goes, I hear he is going to shop around for the highest bidder.

I am not sure if we can afford him. I really have no idea where we stand on money available for signing FAs. Anybody else know?

I would really love to see Kavis Reed fired immediatly. He was terrible all season long. I remember our FG team getting two penalties in a row for time count violation then being forced out of FG range. That was pathetic. I don't care what anybody says, that is on the head of the Special teams coach. I also would refer to the terrible return game that we had all year, with the exception of a FEW Armstead returns. We also let up way too many yards on Kickoffs and punts. And in case you need one more reason to fire Kavis Reed . . . TOO MANY MEN ON THE FIELD IN A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ENDING FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the job of the Special teams coach. He must know everything about his plays and what could go wrong with them. He has brought Riderville terrible Special teams plays all season long and he needs to go now!

That is all for now.

Losing both Chick AND Baggs would be quite a hit for your team to take.

As for Reed, his continued employment in the CFL is a bit of a mystery. He was defensive coordinator in Hamilton, and they had a bad defence; then he was defensive coordinator in Toronto and their defence was poor that year too. Last season he was special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan and you have pointed out what that was like.

...if Kavis Reed gets demoted to Gatorade mixer I predict faces like this:


personally i kinda like kavis reed, however i do agree that he has not done a stellar job... i'd give him one more crack at it, but be quick to axe on a less than great season ahead.. i'd like to see a bit more trickery on the specials.. get creative, think outside the gridiron.