Next Year Bombers

I know they're done for the year, and I don't know if they read these types of pages, but on the chance that they might:

Hey! Bombers! Call Mr. Paopao! Now!

ps: Hey! Bombers! I agree with disused quarterback Spergon Wynn, who is alleged to have said: "The fact that I didn't get a snap on a f****** losing football team is ridiculous."

Nah, I'm going for Walby or K.Jones to coach the Bombers next season. Maybe we should give Wynn a shot though, but I think we should tade him for someboay else.

I think Greg Marshell or even Kent Austin would be better HC choices then Joe Poapoa, and bet there are others in the CIS or elsewhere that are also more deserving

CIS coach would take a yr or 2 to get a winning program together. we need results NOW!!! kanga - get serious, trade Wynn when we never even gave him a chance! i think he may be starting qb material, but without playing him, we'll never know. tee had his shot, trade that mofo before wynn! he doesn't seem intelkigent enuff to be qb in this league!

i like austin as hc and maybe kj as oc! .... but we really need help defensively - stubler maybe???

:shock: :lol:
That would be VERY interesting!

he could do it, if Arnold Susinager can be governor of California, anything is possible.


Ah, cut me some slack, that is like the most difficult last name to spell in the world!

and one of the most difficult to say as well.

....when they make a decision on Daley's future...and if it goes the way it should....look for interest to coach the Bombers from...Kent Austin......Greg Marshall....and possibly Creehan in cowtown..... Paopao is already rumoured to be taking the OC. in Ham.....lots of speculation out there...but no facts..... :roll:

I think Creehan is in line for the Stamps head job in like a year or two. If I remember correctly, back when they brought in Higgins, it was understood he'd be HC for a year or two, then upstairs (don't remember exactly where) and Creehan would be the HC. I believe that right now his title is Assistant Head Coach or something like that.

I could see Austin or Marshall in Winterpeg, although they may need Marshall more as I seem to think their defence requires a bit more work than the offence does.

You are right Monkey about Crehan. The thing that the Bombers have to think about is that it will need to be someone that is very good. if not it will be difficult to attract good FA’s. Calgary was there for three years and that is the brush the team was painted with. With Taman there I do not see anyone taking the job.