Next weeks game

In light of this close but disappointing loss, I still find myself looking forward to next weeks game. I don't know...maybe it's like the urge to stop and look at a bad traffic accident..morbid curiousity??

But I hope Porter starts next week and I hope our snapper (Robichaud) dries his friggin' hands off.

This team is soooooooo damn close that it's killing me. Once we get some pass rush ...hello Kashama...this team WILL WIN GAMES!!

how are our playoff chances if we win the remaining games?

win the remaining games. have you looked at the schedule? lol. Lumsden has a better chance of playing than we have of beating Calgary/BC/Montreal... Spring training anyone?

If they win all of their remaining games they win the Grey Cup....but my bet is that won't happen.

i said if not that we will....

Wasn't all that impressed with Kashama to be honest. Other than the one good push with Siskowic he didn't seem to be "bringing the pass rush, baby"..although i'd like to see him start a full game. Can't be any worse than Mckay..

T.O is self-destructing..they wont make the playoffs....we are 2 games back of winnipeg and they have won the season if winnipeg goes 3-3 in the next 6 games....we'd have to go 6-0.....but based on the way winnipeg has performed this season they will likely go 2-4 or maybe even 1-5.....which would mean we'd had to go 5-1...or 4-2....which based on the way we've performed this season....aint happening

...about as good as Jack Layton becoming our next PM.

Stick a fork in it,we are done
like dinner!!!