next weekend's game

So do you guys think winnipeg can pull off the upset. i think so, they had better, i'm gonna go to that game and i want to see the true blue that beat ottawa and montreal. since the bombers can't win on the road they'll do it at home. if they lose, threy're done for the season. they still have this last chance.

I'm expecting one thing when I go to Canad Inns Stadium on the 10th of September is that the BOMBERS BLOW OUT SASKATCHEWAN!

if hamilton beats the argos back-to-back...and winnipeg lose to sask again....THE TICATS WILL HAVE A BETTER RECORD THEN THE BLUE BOMBERS...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

They would be tied. The ti-cats only have one win buddy..HAHAHA
Also, the Bombers will blow out Saskatchewan when they come to town. Why that will happen? BECAUSE WE'RE NOT ON THE ROAD!

everyone has a game in- hand including Sask. that's going to be pretty tough to over-come....if you say there's a thread of chance I would have to agree...but looking at the secondary ...even the most optimistic guys will have trouble seeing us make the play-offs this year...but all in all we still have a ghost of a chance...they haven't officially closed the lid just yet...

it's comming and next week all I care for is a blowout by the Bombers so I'll be happy.

Yes, a blow out might ease the pain.