Next week will be not much betrer

I am hearing the players talk about what went wrong and they are saying they just need to tweak this or that and less mistakes and penalties .they think they did well otherwise ..bulcke was saying the defence wa stellar in teh first half ...if the team thinks they can play the same game with less penalties and less mistakes then it will be a similar score ...i think dressler , simon and sheets were pretty quiet this game ...
if mccologh , breaux , Harris and fantuz are not playing i say 41- 18 otherwise 37-22


I completely disagree with you. Last game was a very winnable game up until the start of the 4th. The D was fantastic. Held Sheets to 9 carries for 36 yards in the first half and were only down 16-0. (Due to Bartels horrible punt, and the two turnovers at midfield by the O). Take away those dumb mistakes and the Cats could have been leading at half time. I am not saying that they will beat the Riders this week, but I due expect a very close game.

???????????? so let me get this straight,your saying with these guys playing we get 22 pts for 37 against,if not then the score will be 41-18.Don't know if you realized or not but both total 59 total points(41-18=59,37-22=59).A point swing of exactly 4 points either way.So if these guys play we're good for 22,but give up only 37....if not playing we're good for 4 pts less..18,put give up 4 pts more...41??? Seems like an odd prediction to me,maybe I'm missing something here? Just wondering where ya came up with the logic and choice of scores.

Guelph trip could be ugly (again) this Saturday. Dont think the Cats can correct their problems in a short week.

It wont be any different at all......the same 2 teams are playing and one is much better than the other right now.i just hope we dont get humiliated again in front of 12,000(if that many people show up)fans.....the ticats arent doing themselves any favours in trying to get people to drive to guelph. my prediction sask 42- cats 17

Goals for this week: Score points, keep the score within 37 points...

I'd like to know how we can solve the problems of 8 yard pass plays with no YAC, dropped balls and QB sacks.
If we don't ......Saturday will be another blowout. :frowning:

What kinda worries me is that it looked like the Roughies were only going at half throttle,taking it easy on us,like they didn't have to over exert to win the game.Lets hope we can at least wipe the goosegg off the board this week!! I'm saying the outcome will be the same,but the score will be a little bit closer.....Sask.37...Ham..17

That was a called onside punt, his second of the quarter against the wind. On the first one, he put topspin on it and it bounced way past the returner. But King, the onside player, was held up on his way down field and couldn't get the ball. On the second one, he it back spin on the ball and it bounced backwards. Unfortunately, it also got hung up in the wind and blew backwards as well, and King had already run past where it landed. Had Bartel not been pushed back by two Saskatchewan players, he might have come up with the recovery. I'm not sure what Austin was yelling at him for, the short punt itself, not letting King know to hold up a bit (not sure how he could have done this with the crowd noise), or not fighting harder to get to the ball - could have been anything, but I suspect it was the last point.

I agree with CatFanWaiting,
The defense did play well until the 4th quarter,
Too many mistakes and the fact that Burris had no chance of changing the plays to counter the Sask “D” by audible at the line of scrimmage because of the screaming watermelon heads made it tough on the Offense.
IMHO we will play better.

8) Good one !!! :lol:

Aiming a little high. How about: score point.

Hi bobo8224,

Think of th two predictions more like we lose by 15 if they play or 23 if they don't ..just guesses

Hi Catsfanwaiting ,

Well as others had mentioned , SASK seemed to be playing with us as they could have beat us by more .
Durant had only practiced 2 days and had a tender ankle . He did not run much and played very conservative .
I think Dressler and Sheets and Simon were hardly used so there are alot of plays we could see this week from him .
It seems they did not need to even get into 3rd gear to beat us .
Durant had very little pressure on him amd Burris was being attacked more and more as th egame went on. I agree the ticats held them back pretty good until half 16 -0 ..i recall thinking the game could haev been 24-0 ...i had hoped that we could come back but as it so often happens with the ticats they get worse as the game goes on and the half time adjustements tend to fabor the other team .

We did limit sheets well until the 4th and that concerned me when he ran like 6 times in a rowfor about 8 yards a pop when the defence knew he was going to run...that was when we shoudl be destroying the oline and back but we didn't .

the ticats linenackers scare me as they sam and will are alwasy outr of position and will and middle are now very undersized and easily blocked on a well executed play ..we have seen countless long runs this year because of it ( stewart , kackert , henry ) who ever plays sam seems to be running all over the place always out of position and the wil as well .
an example of this would be the play where the olineman caught the touchdown seems sask just had to clear the zoen and have the lone reciever cross to the other side of the field and that leave the other side wide open for a back olineman to catch a pass . As we speak cortex is likley scripting similar plays to have the same otr corner or half move out of their position to cover a receiver crossing to the other zoen only to leave that are vacant ...

Bagg running passed two of our backs ( bucknor and parks ) was also very concerning .
we had no pass rush to speak of and our db;s were gettigj way with murder on tugging the shirts .
our recievers are no helping burris at all on broken plays and gigure just goes down after he catches the ball if he catches the ball..he has no ability to beat a guy one on one . I sense burris has no confidence in chevon as i watched the tape of the game and saw chevon openmany times out of the backfield and burris kept looking for another option and ended up getting sacked .
we have absolutely no running game so CHICK AND FOLEY AND WILLIAMS must be fighting in practice over who will get defensive player of the week ...durant , dressler and sheets are doinmg the same fo roffensive player of the week

anoither thing that disturbs me is we all go on abouthow good SASK is . Well guys liek Bagg and Butler were Canadian University Players and they are just not that good . Rey Williams was with us and he is not that good.
The problem with the Ticats is they don't get out and get the key ingredients for a good foortball team ( aside form QB , they don't have a big play receiver and they don't have a bonafide running back or even a running game ) on defence , they have no true pass rusher and no big linebacker and no big play presence on defence . They have no real shut down corner and no ball hawk or big hitter )

the team also makes countless mistakes on execution , penalties , ability to help the qb coming back ...on defence they are too easily fooled still and they don't strike any fear in any QB ...

This week, the real fans go to Guelph.

The D did play well for the most part, but by the 4th they were gassed since they spent the majority of the game on the field. Still can't stop the long ball though and our DB's sure do seem to be slow for being young guys (rookies).

Yes, and they will be wearing green, and there will be lots of them...

You know what, say what you will about the Rider bandwagon, at least they have consistent support, which is what Hamilton should have.

Fantuz was a Canadian University Player, Dave Stala was a CIS player. That doesn't automatically mean they are not that good. That's a very narrow minded view of the CIS, which has a lot of talent and it's getting better and better. Does that mean Andrew Harris is even worse as he didn't even go through the university ranks?

Very solid point @Dust! :thup: :thup: :thup:

I think that this news should make this week better

Isaac is not a replacement for Markeith Knowlton at the WILL linebacker spot - it looks like that role will be filled by Simoni Lawrence, who returns from injury. Instead, Isaac is likely to play at the SAM, though it remains to be seen if he'll be ready for this week.

• in injury news, WR Andy Fantuz is still not practicing and with only two days of preparation this week, it's unlikely he'll play. Defensive back Evan McCullough and safety Erik Harris are also on the sidelines. On the plus side, running back C.J. Gable is back in action as is receiver Onrea Jones and defensive backs Dee Webb and Delvin Breaux.

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