Next Week vs Edmonton

If BC wins next week, the Western Final will be locked up before October.

They would be 12-0 to Edmonton 7-6, meaning if they lost every single game from here out, they'd be 12-6, so even if Edmonton won every other game, they'd be 12-6.

Since BC won 2/3 games, they'd host the final.

I'm still pulling for 18-0, but this next game is Edmonton's first last chance

After the last couple of games im hella frustrated with the Esks play, if it's not one thing its another with this team this year, cant seem to make it happen when it matters the most so far, and the fact that our combined loss total is under 20 points or sometthing lke that is just a kick in the nuts, Esks, if you dont shape up by next week, we will be crushed by BC, so please, heads out of a$$es eskies, try to put a full game together!

and we complain about the Lions not playing a full game for most of the season...

The Esks still are one of the few teams that have the real talent and wherewithall to beat the Leos...especially at home, when the weather can have a major effect on the game outcome. Fact is, the Leos have only played indoors or in good weather. If it is raining next Saturday in Edmonton, I will be very worried...however, I just checked the Weather Network, and they show cloudy with sunny periods for next Saturday and 18 it looks like weather won't be an issue this time.


I agree with you hwgill. I don't think we've seen Edmonton's potential yet. If Washington is gone and we have a rookie in the secondary, we could be in for a long night. While Crumb played well at safety with Miles gone, I'd much prefer him back as well.

SHould be a fun game.

Miles should be back. usually chicken pox doesn't last more than 5 days, though usually kids get it, and we all know kids heal faster than adults...

I heard Ryan Philips injured his foot in the Als game also , and may be out too. We could possibly have Philips , Washington and Miles out for this game. That would leave only two starters. Hope Miles is ok by then. Good thing we got Tiller .

The lions combined loss total is 0 and we barely play 60 minutes. Your 60 minutes just means you will lose another close game. Our 30 minutes means 12-0.

you all know BC has been dominating this league with a 12-0 perfect record. But all good things come to an end and BC barely beat the riders, and almost blew it against the Alouettes. Now although they are 2 good teams, edmonton plays a good game even more so at home, and if Ricky Ray throws even better then he has been, Bc might be losing the perfect season. I can see a win from edmonton if they shut out the powerful BC offence and find weakness in its defense. It will either be a close last possesion game or a total blow out which hasn't been the case for BC as of late. Good luck to both teams

If Miles is in, Ray's gonna throw 4 more interceptions and hand the game over, all while passing for 400+ yards.

i just hope that both teams play their best, and that it's a good game and the lions get another win!!! :wink:

What are you talking about? What i was trying to say that it doesnt matter that the combined loss total is low, it means absolutley nothing, and its only a kick in the nuts because we lose close games, dont know why your trying to bash that.

BC did almost blow it against the 'Riders, it was Pierce that saved our asses in that game. However, against the Al's, half the team was sick with the flu. I know how I feel when I have the flu, but the Leos still pulled out a win, even though they were sick as hell.

That shows character, toughness, and perseverance. All hallmarks of a GREAT team.

half the team was sick with the flu? awwww, do you want a cookie?

nahh, but they're going to be all better next week against the Eskies, which means you guys are gonna be cryin' in your beer again...


I believe ESks will have the advantage in this game. Esks are tough at Commonwealth and i'm thinking the weather may be a factor. Lions have been lucky to have played under ideal conditions under the dome and had good weather conditions in their away games. Looking for the game to be close depending which Esks offence shows up.

lol, worst part is your right if they keep playing this way.

Aside from their great play, in my books, who ever is the most disiplined of the two throughout the game, will be the winner!..... Bouno by the way, is a stinker for disipline!..... gabby3

Aren't the Eskimos the most penalized team in the league?

If they arn't, I think they are near the top.

I think the Lions are in for their toughest test yet. Eskimos always play well at home. If the weather is foul it could be an advantage to the Esks.

The Esks have the talent, I think it comes down to coaching. I was never a fan of Lancaster Jr. When he was with Winnipeg and Hamilton. The excuse was he was with a bad teams. Well on Paper the Esks have a good team and an offense that sputters and does interesting things.

As I teased the Posters on the Eskie site....Fire Lancaster Jr, and your record will improve!