Next week @ Toronto

A few of my buddies and I want to go to the game on Friday, does anyone know which sections will be behind the visitors bench/how much a ticket will be? Also, if any of you guys are going where abouts are you sitting?

Here's the info you need to look at:

If you want to sit behind the Ticat bench, you will need to sit in sections 130-134. Tix are pretty expensive here, you are looking at $79 bucks a piece.

If you want a good seat, sit in the 200 level. I am sitting in 237 and it's the best seat in the house.

You can go cheap, ($30) but the view is terrible. Either sit high in the lower bowl or in the second level.

Thanks a lot Alan_Cooper! Just wondering, are there any sections where there are usually a lot of visitors fans?

There are busloads going down and they are in the endzone.

You will find a lot of Hamilton fans right behind the bench but my suggestions, if you have never seen a football game at Rogers is to sit up higher in the lower bowl or sit in the 2nd level.

You will go nuts sitting so low.

2 years ago, I sat in the 5th deck and they were the best and cheapest seats in the place but the Argos closed it off last year.

You can sit on about the 10 yard line for $33. This is where I am sitting for the October 23rd game.

If you do have the money, spend the $79 to side in the second level around mid field. They are worth the money.

I sat there a few years ago, got scalpers' tickets for $40.
Felt like the field was in another building.

I got tickets in section 134a row 20 which is behind the bench of our tigercats . The ticats sent me an email for discountetd tickets with the discount code rivals for $45 dollars a ticket plus ticketmaster sevice charges hope this helps and hope it is still available

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Avoid ticketmaster scalper fees, it looks like the Argo office is giving Ticat fans a deal. Give them a call directly and get a discount.

just to let you know i paid a total of $99.25 for 2 tickets in the gold section that's with ticketmaster fees and being able to print the tickets at home

How much of that goes to Ticketmaster (a company that’s been sucking blood since the '70s, IIRC, and recently the object of sucessful legal action)… $ 78 ?

I vowed many years ago that Ticketmaster would never get one penny of my money, and it never has.