Our First touchdown in many games...but
will they use hill this year?????


Maas isn't gonna throw another touchdown the rest of the season. Would it really be that much of a surprise??? Didn't think so.

Hill is on the injury list. I missed what his injury is and how long he is out for. Can someone fill me in please.

Pulled a hamstring in his first practice.
No word on how long.

hes faking injury cuz he wants no part of this '06 ticat campain.

No doubt he was banged up in NFL tryout ,they always are.

How about Mass to Lumpsum. :rockin:

Eventually, the Cats will find themselves at someone's 3 yard line or within Maas's reach for a TD pass. It may not be for a few games yet though. Wait'll the last couple of games when the other teams are resting their starters for the playoffs.

An Argo fan

Hey Barney what are you so cocky about ?? If our team is that bad how come you only won by 2 points ?? If your offence is so damn good how come you couldnt score more than 11 points ??

We have done very well against the top teams except for the one game against Toronto where our offence kept giving the ball away . I see nothing for the Argos to get the least bit cocky about and just pray Allen doesnt get hurt cause your in BOG trouble if he does !!!

Hey Habman I hate to stick up for an argo fan but they have alot to be cocky about,their tied in 1st place with Montreal.
Maybe the reason they only scored 11pts against us is because they scored so many last week.
The key word in any game is win,no matter if you score 1pt. 3pts.or 11pts.winning is what matters,and we cant seem to do that the last couple of years...
He does make a point we probably wont win till the end when everyone is resting...

Wowwww!!we must be really bad im sticking up for an Argo fan,oh my god get me a drink im going insane....

It must truly be an insane world because I never ever thought I'd feel sorry for the Cats or their fans---but I do. Nor did I ever think I'd take in a game at IWS but I have and will be again in a few weeks, Still, I can't resist the odd bit of sarcasm though.

An Argo fan