Next Week: Lions vs Argos....predictions??

I say Casey Printers gets the start over Dickenson. He has been sacked too many times over the first two games he has to be hurting. I say B.C. wins by a touchdown or less.

i agree, Casey might start in the 2nd half though

I think that if the O-line was as bad as they were against Ottawa, they will lose. They can't give up that many sacks as they did, against Ottawa and Toronto, they gotta step it up in order to win.

I say printers will play if his minor injuries are gone. and if they are we will see an improvement on the 27-20 win. IF the O-line holds up as Geroy_Simon81 said

Lower bowl sellout. Which will lead the Argo's confused on play calling. If BC can win 2 games in a row with 12 sacks.......need I say more?? They only way Printers is gonna see any action is if DD gets injured, or cannot succeed in doing his job properly.

[quote=" They only way Printers is gonna see any action is if DD gets injured, or cannot succeed in doing his job properly.
i agree, he has taken to many hits because of holding the ball to long/waiting for recievers and choosing questionable times to run it himself. if he keeps getting sacked 8-10 times a game i dunno how long he can last. he has taken a beating so far and he is getting rocked. i mean he is getting hit by guys 3-4 inches tallers and 50-60lbs heavier than he is. at least Casey is a pretty big QB and can take more of a beating. the other great thing about Casey is that he can slip checks and he is fast. quite an athlete.

Well if DD gets hurt then Printers is in and there will not be any QB controversy anymore. Then what would we all be talking about?

My prediction for the BC/TOR Game would be Toronto-They seem to play good in Vancouver vs. the lions and throw in the fact it's a revenge game from a loss just a few weeks ago.It should a very good game and I think special teams could be the difference-also field position. I do hope BC Lions win but this is a good Toronto team we're up against!

Toronto 19 - BC 17 , No Printers, amazing athlete, but he still can't read a defence, Double D will survive, but it will finally force Wally to address the issue of the CFL's smallest and weakest offensive line. Look for the Argo's to record 8 sacks this week.

The Lions will gell from here on out, making way for a west show down with Edmonton for the west representation in the Grey :lol:

I think the Ottawa game was the wake up call the Lions need after the bye week. BC by 3.

The O - line has to get better. DD has take some huge hits and has to be a bit hurting after this last game.

DD is holding on to the ball to not throw interceptions - he says. I am not sure that is it entirely. He is a bit delusional as he is not a young guy who can keep taking the hits when running/scrambling. He is too slow rolling out left and should forget that option or Chapdelaine has a secret desire to get him smoked to get Casey in. I think DD is taking chances to make the crowd forget Casey and that is not the way to do it.

Toronto will be tough but that should get a A game out of BC now.

the o line is the current weakness for the lion s. and DD is paying for it. he is getting sacked in every direction. but part of this is his fault.

Come on everybody think about it. They had the bye in week two timing was off and they still won even with all those mistakes.B.C will be alot better in week 4 and they will have two of their starters back on the O line.We also will have Carl Kidd back and Allen will be hurting in this match up when it's over B.C 33 Toronto 24

I agree completely with icehawk. Our O-line should be much better next game with Moore and Singh back, and with Kidd's return he should fire up our Defence nicely. BC wins over Toronto again.

If we have Singh and Moore back our O-line should be better which means Dickenson has more time to read the defense which means more offense equals more touchdowns equals Lions win.

I hope Roaring Lion is right about Moore and Singh being back. That will help our O-line. Boy...DD sure took another pounding last Friday.

I liked the way Paris Jackson and Ryan Thelwell Stepped up. Thelwell sure got open often.

Lions by long as the o-line does it job!!! but everyone has already said that...simon and clermont are not getting as many catches as they should, are they injured or playing hurt???

BC and Toronto tend to split wins and losses. 5-5 in previous 10 games. However I believe BC will win again. Toronto already failed its best opportunity (this season) by losing at home. In recent seasons, teams often win back-to-back games. So don't believe the myth of difficulty in winning two straight.

Quarterback sacks are overrated. BC won 13 of last 15 games while leading the league in sacks against! Toronto is currently too inconsistent and cannot beat BC by playing well in only one quarter. Hard to imagine Toronto improving but BC has more upside potential after new players get up to speed.

I really hope that Bobby and the others will be playing, the OL just crumbles too quickly. At the very least, screen the way Ottawa did last Friday and give DD the hop to one side for a long bomb