Next Week I Take my Daughter's Boyfriend to a Bills Game but

...I'm showing him this website first. Makes me feel good all over.

With the Cats now well on the road to recovery, perhaps it's time that we remind the NFL team down the road who's who! :wink:

Just don't show him this! The NFL teams won every game against CFL teams -
Back when the Ticats beat the Bills in the pre-season game the Bills were not in the NFL but the old AFL, and the worst team in the AFL.

[url=] ... League.htm[/url]

The AFL was only a year old at that time, and was very inferior to the NFL. Yes we beat them, but if I recall correctly, when Ralph Wilson asked for a rematch after that first game, The Ticats wisely declined.

Well, there's always the War of 1812 and why the White House got that way.

We each want to convert the other but since my daughter is also a 'Cats fan I believe that I have the upper hand. I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't wear my Black and Gold Tommy-Joe Coffey jersey though. Can't really bring myself to purposely wear Bill's colors* though.

  • Black and Gold are the 'Cats colours.

Americans believe they won the war of 1812

Great war..... everybody won! (Except the French.)

Whatever. It's indisputable we lit up the presidential shack. Let's see Osama try that!

The troops who burned the White House were British, not Canadian, and isn't just because the War of 1812 came before Confederation: [url=] ... se&f=false[/url] [url=] ... hp?t=63222[/url]

I'll bet George Washington didn't really chop down a cherry tree, but if you tell the story enough times it becomes historical.

Where is you poof? I've also heard that the British think they won the war of 1812 (no proof either)
any way who cares it was long before any of us, or Canada! it was a British Amarican war with no winner.

We won, set fire to the White House, play better hockey and brew stronger beer. Everything else is commentary.

Oh, and the CFL is the superior brand of football. Just saying.

If this isn't proof enough, I don't know what is.

Truth of the matter is that Tecumseh and his native warriors kicked the American's butts and saved the day for the British when Isaac Brock got nailed dead in the first few minutes of the Battle Of Queenston Heights due to his insistence on sitting atop a horse in a bright red uniform............duhhhhhhh ! :lol:

..........the natives were promised land in Pennsylvania or somewhere near there but the French reneged and because the natives were being threatened to be wiped out down there, the British offered the land along the Grand River as payment (6 miles on either side from source to mouth....The Haldimand Proclamation.........Six Nations Territory was formed (and gradually ripped back off the natives).....and the rest is history :wink:

What's the point of starting a new paragraph with ........................?

Hmmmmmmm- this all started with me going to a Bills game. It’s a long off-season already!

I have returned!

Cold, wet, exhausted.

Good bonding with my daughter's boyfriend.

He's happy 'cause the Bills won.

The stands were MORE than 1/2 empty. The reported attendance was the paid total- not bums in seats and it still was only 2/3 of capacity. It made it easy to get out though.

Sitting on the 40 yd. line in the North stands up near the top. Great view. First NFL game I've been too.

That field really IS tiny!
I miss the motion in the backfield.
Not enough men on the field.
The 40 second clock bothered me.

But I guess that I'm really complaining because I couldn't figure out the strategy. In a CFL game I can usually figure out the top 3 options for plays and I understand the flow of the game. Seeing the NFL in person and being able to watch the whole field instead of the TV closeups showed me how different the games actually are.

I'd go with him again but I'd need to learn the strategies of the game more in order to really be able to enjoy it.

Oh yeah... never seen so many drunk guys in my life and I used to work on skid row in Hamilton.

Hey Mark, in my younger days I was one of those drunks at Bills games once in a while! :wink: Not my cup of tea any more though. TigerCats games are more laid back and that suits me, and my wife, just fine now.