Next week against TO

Kerry Joseph looked like the Rider Kerry in the game against Edmonton yesterday. His last second dive into the end zone was reminiscent of Labour Day last year. It will be interesting to see which Kerry shows up in Regina this weekend - will he be the nervous nelly we saw in the Grey Cup or will he be the confident Kerry that beat Edmonton yesterday?

One thing for sure Toronto will not be a pushover but after seeing our performance against Montreal this past weekend I believe we will be 5 and 0 after this weekend.

What kind of reception do you think Kerry will get on his return? I hope it will be a warm one.

I am glad they won kinda get that desperation off them so there not looking to get that win. I think we will see the Kerry we saw beat Edmonton. Our Secondary will have to step up and hopefully they fill those spots on the line and we can keep him contained. If we can take the pass away we should be able to shut down his running game.

I was glad that kerry got it going, but he doesn't look like the Riders Kerry to me.

When he was here last year and made a big play he seemed happy and excited. Yesterday when he made a big play he seemed more angry and intense than anything. Don't know if there is anything to that or not.

I will be cheering hard against him this coming weekend. Personaly I am a little irked that he took off for more money, but I guess I understand it somewhat, just rubs me the wrong way.

I'm kinda far away to be at the game, like several thousand kilometres far away, but I hope he gets a rousing ovation when he is announce pre-game, but then gets razzed equally loudly (is that a word???) from the first TO possession to the last one!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I hope I'm not the only one who gives him a standing O when he hits the field. he needs a THANK-YOU for being a big part of our GC win. But he will get noise on his snaps, and I hope he takes it as a compliment. I didn't want to repeat post this but this was a topic of mine, so let me sneak it in again that everyone give him the standing O. It would show the class of Rider fans, and to prove that Burris was a different situation. Kerry didn't want to leave, but he deserved more money.

AND, especially with Kerry and the threat he is on the field, we had better be L-O-U-D if we want to go 5-0.

I just called the Rider office, only a few seats left in sec. 17. Looks like another sell-out. (My brother wanted to go and asked if I was going to use my tickets...I laughed, and laughed, and laughed!)

I'm also glad TO won now they won't be as hungry, expect Kerry to run lots in this game, I pick Riders by 10 points.

I don’t want to take away from Kerry’s performance against the Eskimo’s because he played a heck of a game so I’ll put it this way: You could put the CFL all star defense on the Eskimo’s and with Rick Campbell coaching them they look as prepared as a high school squad in their first pre season game (no offense to any high school defenses).

I’m going to give Kerry a big ovation, but I have faith that our defense, even missing some guys is far better than the Eskimos based on coaching alone.

As a huge Argo fan, normally I would be happy to see them go into a game facing a team that lost of lot of key personel in the offseason & is now relying on a backup qb to lead the team.

But no. Eric Tillman, the best GM in football seems to do everything right. I have a feeling the Argos will win a very hard fought battle, but only because Saskatchewan has to lose sometime.

Yeah, I don't think anyone thinks the Riders will go undefeated (mind you, looking at the thread about being 4-0, few thought that would happen either). Thus, it's true that the Riders will likely lose sometimes. I'm just hoping (or more accurately, I'm pretty sure) that this is not the one though!

If I was going to the game, I'd cheer for Joseph in the opening intros. I think the Riders will need to do the "spy" thing with Mo Lloyd or McKenzie. KJ may not be able to pull as many stunts since most of the D has practiced with him the last two seasons. Will be an excellent game. TO always gives us trouble at Mosaic.

I never would have said this before the season started, but I think the Riders are going to go 5-0.

Toronto was in tough to beat Edmonton, and only won by virtue of a long march from their own one yard line all the way for a touchdown at the end of the game.

Do I think they will be able to do that against a Richie Hall defence, as opposed to a Rick Campbell defence?

No, I don't.

So I think the Riders will be 5-0.

I predict 6-1 after week 7

I think our first loss will come to Calgary at McMahon(spelling?) im saying 8-1 after week 9

This will be a tough game....Joseph maybe starting to feel comfortable in Toronto and that could mean trouble.

I agree with Mike. This will be a tough game. I bet Riders wish they still had Dorsey. Bombers to.

If Riders win. Go 5 and 0. Beat the Argos with Crandall or Durant. If that happens Riders can split win Calgary and Still be top of west. But beating Joseph and Argos will not be easy. I think Mike is right.

I think we will be able to run against them. I also believe that Eiben is out.

Edmonton handled them ok at home the previous week.

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So I think we will win by a couple of td's. Perhaps wishful thinking.

We seem to forget that ALL the games are tough. What leads us to a "W" is a great game plan, and excellent execution by the players! Coach Miller and the staff deserve Kudos for their effort. If the team is prepared, we can beat TO!!

I agree we should be able to beat them and yes all games are tough. But some are tougher then others.

With the play of Joseph last week, I think he demonstrated to his team mates he was prepared to carry the team on his shoulders, just like he did with the riders at times last year. That is a great motivator.

If the team responds to that type of play then it could present challenges for the riders.

We have to smack KJ in the mouth on every play, a lot like Winnipeg did in the Grey Cup. That way he'll get nervous, like he did in the Grey Cup.

Riders 5-0? I hope so.

KJ's found his groove