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That's what happens when there are only two airlines in the country. Unfortunately, Swoop does not fly Edmonton to Ottawa.

I will be there in spirit, sitting on my couch, watching, pretending I don't have a family....

That might be the best place to be, Doc. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the weather forecast, which has had Friday looking like the best day of the week in Ottawa. However, I note a big change this (Wednesday) morning.

Friday evening is now predicted to be a weather “Double Double-U” – Wet & Windy. Or, a triple, as it will, at least, be warm – 11C @ kickoff, 30% chance of rain, SW winds in the mid 20’s to near 40 km/hr. The predicted chance of rain increases to 60% before the first quarter is done and stays at that throughout. Advice for ticket buyers: North Stands, 30 Rows, or more, up.

We're north side, section D (35 yard line), row 28, and we're five to ten rows back from where people get rained on. And we're pretty protected from the wind there too.

I sat right behind the Ticat bench (south side, section U) a few times, four or five rows up, and while the view isn't great for plays at the other end, the atmosphere is great. A mix of fans from both teams, all (well, mostly) real football fans, some good natured ribbing, and can be some fun interactions with the players. Not sure I'd want to sit there in the rain, though.

Watching the Day 3 post-practice interviews on the main page here, it sounds to me like Sinkfield won’t be dressing and there’s an interesting question, posed to Ted Laurent, regarding Connor McGough starting. I don’t know who the individual conducting the interview is but think it’s likely a TiCat staffer. If true, I wonder who McGough would be starting ahead of and if the move is to allow for an extra International, maybe McDaniel, to start ahead of a National.

Last week we started 8 nationals one more over the minimum. So, if anything we should be adding an import like Mcdaniel or Sinkfield. I hope they start Mcdaniel over Buren .

You just have to dress for the rain and cold…can’t be worse than our OT win a few years back…freezing rain, driving winds…great times! :slight_smile:

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I was at the Grey Cup game last year, wearing multiple layers - with my jersey the outermost - and was quite comfortable. The jacket under the jersey is fairly thin, but is surprisingly warm.

(Sorry about the ugly green and yellow outfit on my wife's friend from Edmonton. Couldn't figure out how to crop her out of the picture. ;D )

I'll be wearing fewer layers this Friday; in particular, I won't be needing the thermal base layer, and maybe not the hat (the jacket has a hood, and is pretty water-resistant). But the rest will be pretty much the same, including my signature button I bought in the early '70s.

my go-to in inclement weather is my gortex fishing rainsuit…full bib pants and jacket…

can’t fit a jersey over it, but it keeps me warm and dry!

have fun out there!!

Just saw this on the Ticats Facebook page :

Searching for pregame plans?

Ticats fans are meeting up at @TheSenateTavern on Bank St., starting at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.

See you there!

#HamiltonProud | #Ticats

Might wander down to see who's there.

Look out Ottawa!!

Grover! Great pic. Love it. ;D