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Friday game vs Ottawa is huge.
2 months ago I booked a weeks holidays for 20 to 28th said to the wife let’s take the Friday before n go to game in Ottawa. I never thought it would be such a big game and I’m glad I did. 5 am Friday can’t come soon enough who else is gonna be there to support our first place battle?

I guess no-one???

I’d love to be there, had a great time two years ago, good fans, good stadium. Video screen a bit undersized, and very few replays of visiting team plays when we were there. Great location with lots of night spots and restaurants around the stadium. Don’t quite understand the north/south (or is it east/west) stands thing, but they seem to have a lot of fun with it.

But, life always seem to get in the way with appointments and family get-togethers. Have a good time, dress warm!

wife and I attended the OT win in the pouring/freezing rain a few years back.

one of the most fun we’ve ever had at a CFL game.

The area is fantastic and the fan base in Ottawa reminds me of Sask!

My spouse and I have taken the day off and we are going to the game , driving from Waterloo this Friday. We bought the tickets in May , just thinking it would be a fun road-trip. Our friends we are going with are die-hard Redblack fans, so this should be epic!

There are die-hard rEDbLACK fans in the K-W area?

I’ll be there. It’s the one game I made sure I took in my half-season pass (shared with a friend of a friend who’s also a Ticat fan here).

I figured it would be an important game, as all late season divisional matchups are. Just didn’t know how important it would be.

Just spent a couple of days in Ottawa less then three weeks ago so can’t say I’ll be going back - as fun as it would be to attend a game there. We were at the Grey Cup last fall but our seats were in the temporary end zone stands so didn’t get to see the much of the actual stadium. It would be nice to go back some time when we could sit in “real” seats! :slight_smile:
The area around the stadium is great!

My friends live in Ottawa. We are meeting them at the stadium.

Crap crap crap. I looked into flights. $1043 Edmonton to Ottawa return is a bit too much right now.

Although for that money you could take a friend to Cuba for a week, all inclusive.

sheesh, my wifes very nice 6 day cruise cost less than than.

Where is a pub close to stadium we can mayb all meet up n walk to the game anyone?

There was when Ronnie Pfeffer was kicking for them a couple years ago. His dad's an Argo fan though.

One day I saw a pick up with an Argos sticker in the window. Had some Ticat clothes on sp I leaned out the window and yelled Argos Suck. The two in the truck and I had a good laugh but one put on his RB hat and told me he was the kicker. I was a bit excited and we all laughed again and I told him good luck except when he plays us.

This was all at a stop light. Football fandom is fun.

I am looking at going friday, arranging a business trip in the area.
What section do visiting fans sit in?

Was at BMO friday, sat around a bunch 25 students from the Argo rowing club, nice kids, didnt know squat about football. They left at halftime due to a little rain.
Thats when I realized how far argos have fallen as a franchise.

Its more fun to be around folks that actually are there for the game rather than …just something to do on a friday night. They were pretty good at banging away at the bleachers. :-[

This is why Canadians have seen more of the U.S. and other countries than their own. The only reason I’ve been to Quebec was a grade 7 trip 20+ years ago.

Kind of sad when you think about it.

You can drive it in under 7 hours, each way, but would probably require an overnight stay. Usually lots of rooms available on Friday nights and weekends as the city of Ottawa almost seems to “shut down” on the weekends. I guess the majority of workers are office types who mainly work Monday-Friday.

Anyway, gas, meals, tickets, and accomodation would probably come to a lot less than a $1000.00 air fare. We looked into the train on our last visit, and it was too expensive, even at the ‘seniors’ rate.

Look for Via fares on Tuesdays - it's their "discount" booking day. My wife occasionally takes the train from Ottawa back to Hamilton to see her dad. She usually gets fares under $90 each way.

If you take the 407 to avoid 401 traffic within Toronto, it's easily doable in less than 6 hours unless it's a holiday weekend, even stopping to eat along the way (assuming good weather and no surprises on the 401 east of Whitby).

If you stay at one of the hotels near the airport, parking is free and easy. That also puts you fairly close to the stadium. If you want to stay an extra day to do tourist stuff downtown, there are plenty of parking garage spots in Byward Market.

A few interesting comments from the coach’s post practice Q & A today:

“I think Alex is up.”
(Sounds like Green will be in @ RB, meaning 4 times his game cheque will be added, this week, to the club’s total of cap dollars that count.)

Sinkfield – “A decision will be made, later in the week, based on what he can pick up regarding routes and reads.”

Palmer – “Yes. He’s now our #1 LT … a bit more experienced … real smart. But, Avery is going to be a great player.”

Tracy … “He’s still sore.” (It sounded like the coach was disappointed and probably doesn’t expect him to play)