Next up.....Toronto

Pretty important game here for play off implications. We've already beaten them twice (without Allen), can we do it 3 times?

It's no secret TO likes to give up the little stuff, so we better be running the ball like mad! Charlie needs at least 100 yards here.

Does anyone know if Milt is suppossed to be back for this one?

No QB help will be starting in time for this game so it's go with who we have. So, who should start?

Glenn if he is ready.

...Glenn will be out Kanga....Milt will be back...probably see Baker in the line-up.....and maybe get a look at Scotty Anderson....apparently Thyrone Anderson gave Berry a call and told him to have a real good look at Scotty as he is a better receiver than me (Thyrone)....we'll see...i would expect Matt Sheridan will be back as well....and McCord and Thurman will probably sit.........Berry won't fool around with guys that don't could find yourself on the bench pretty quick... if he thinks you're not giving a 100%...

then I say use Banks and Michna.

this may be the biggest game of the year for the blue and gold. i don't see hamilton challenging us for the post season however toronto will be breathing down our necks if we lose this one.

Start Banks and commit to him for the whole game. If Berry can leave Quinn out there to be torn to shreds by B.C., he can let Banks have one game to sink or swim. I still believe Banks is a good young quarterback who just needs more snaps to develop his vision and decision-making skills. Berry should have him use Roberts as a security blanket because Toronto is weak against the run anyway. Brazzell has to step up. But whatever happens, for the love of God, no more Mike Quinn. If Mike Quinn starts against Toronto, I'm not watching.

I would rather see Banks get the start also, Banks mobility gives the offence another option...Quinn is a sitting duck when our O line breaks down...

...Sherridan will be back hank....that'll help....i would love to see something completely different...but it ain't gonna happen...Childs and Charlie in the backfield ...with Banks in there as qb... could be some running attack...i don't think the ratio thing would work with that line-up...just dreamin'.. :rockin:

Baker said when we claimed him that he wanted to play against TO so im hoping he will come with a pissed off attitude and make the argos pay for putting him on waivers.

TO looked pretty impressive against the Al's, and are now only 1 game behind us. But, we do have the tie breaker, so I guess they are 2 wins behind us.

This is going to be a huge game to start off the second half of the season. Here's to hoping we come with the right game plan (run man run!), and we put a little distance between the 2 teams (and stay behind Montreal, who knows what can happen there :wink: )

As much as we need the offense to step up in this one, methinks our defence will have to win it for us, we will still be in second place even if we drop this one and getting healthier for the stretch drive.

why is quinn starting...

Glenn is ready yet, but that's a good question, I'd put Banks or the new guy in.

i didnt ask why isnt glenn playing

well, I have something to say to you, have a look at my coming to WPG thread on this forum.

......Mr. Bean and Fulbright in... Samuels ...Marlboro out...Don't like how many guys we have on the limp for this 4 pointer....the Bombers 'd' has to shut down the Argos offence early and get through their porus 'o'line....and we have to run the ball Charlie until their 'd' line runs out out of gas....WPG. has the well rested talent to beat these guys....we'll see :rockin: :thup: