Next up on the hit list....Calgary

The one most important thing that we saw in the game against Sask, is that our Cats, can play against any team in the CFL, and have a real chance to beat, any team in the CFL.
And they are only going to get even... better.
I look forward to another great game on Thursday night, and yes..I do believe the Cats, will pull out a win in Calgary. :thup:


If the defence shows up makes tackles and puts pressure on the qb then yes. otherwise old hank is gonna have a field day with our defensive back field. qive burris time he will pick us a part. we are defiantly in tough should be a qood game though

otherwise old hank is gonna have a field day with our defensive back field. qive burris time he will pick us a part
exactly, a third string qb just picked us apart at home. I expect burris to pwn the dbs if there is no pressure. I think our offence is coming together nicely but our defence has some gaping holes in pass rush and coverage. Could be personnel or could be schemes but if it doesnt change against calgary its gonna be a long night.

My sentiments too. However, Durant is due more than a little credit for the poise and execution he demonstrated.

I'm also a little concerned about Setta's misses so far.

I think we have a chance to win....because if Printers is hot and Lumsden continues to run the ball like a tank, anything can happen.

Based on what I've seen from our defence, we can't count on them especially against the high powered Stamps O.

It'll be a shootout, or a blowout for Calgary. That's my guess.

Any chance Juran Bolden is available? He'd be a nice addition to your defense corps.

My concern, is the defence against the Stamps.

Burris is a master at picking apart defences and he`s never afraid to run the ball himself. The cats D is going to have to play smart or we could be in for a long night.

As a riderfan i just wanted to add: YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT! The cats are a serious threat this year. No two ways about it!

I disagree with some peoples sentiments about the pressure on the QB. Durant was getting pounded time and time again, throwing at the final second before taking a monster of a smash more often then not.

But unlike Durant, Henry is a scrambler. I hope your boys are up to the contain game and keep a tight leash on their qb.

Go Cats! :smiley:

This game is gonna be tough because we have to go on the road on a short week.

Its gonna be tough and we have to keep the stamps offense off the field if we can eat up the clock with a good run game and keep it close to be able keep pounding the ball. if we they get up on us with a few quick tds and shut down the running game look for a long night. otherwise with good clock control it should be a good one

But Henry also gets flustered very easily. You rattle him a bit and he starts making bad throws and starts blaming other people. Its almost worth getting a facemask call early in a game against him.

Hamilton is a threat to any team in the League.

We have a running game that is the envy of any other team (want a fast trade? Offer any of our RB's!)

We will have a couple issues to figure out (Matt Robichaud being out will give a lot of problems) Casey getting "timing"together with his otherwise capable receivers, Jonte Woodard just being good enough to play and trying not to get penalties, . The DB's are much better than last year, but Sask's OLine really did it to us in spades that while Durant took his share of hits, few if any were that second earlier that would have spelt disaster,

Okay,enough, Calgary is a very different team, that did not win the Grey Cup last year and appears "beatable" this year

Montreal was due for a loss and Calgary gave it to them, but Hamilton is grinding an axe,,,

If it was just the players, I'd claim this one by two touchdowns. But we have a coaching staff that is yet unproven (not that Calgary is much better off) so I'm thinking that the better coached team wins this week...if the coaches are "even" we will take it on "players", as I'd pick Casey over Smiling Hank any day...

I like your reasoning.

(Here, anyway. :wink: )

Do you mean unproven as in inexperienced? Cuz that's not true. Bellefuielle (sp?) spent years with Sask and Mtl. Creehan spent years with Calgary.

Which brings me to my worry. Calgary knows what type of defensive schemes Creehan likes. I'm sure they also know how to exploit them. :?

But you'd think that Creeham would be totally aware of that.

My worries about the short turnaround combined with the travel out west are increasing.

And even if the D renders Burris ineffective, they've got Dickenson in their back pocket.

As AMG has pointed out, we need our offense to explode this week in order to stay in the game and have a chance to win.