Next two games

OK we're locked in third and all our possible last five games are on the road. In the next two the Riders will be playing for pride and next year, and the gang down te QE will be playing for themselves. Who do we play? Lots of time for Boltus? Half the first team in each game? Can't let the first team all sit - they'll seize up and loose their edge. According to this year's trends the Cats are due for a couple of mediocre starts anyway, then large at the EDSF. Actually I would prefer 5 solid starts.

great time to evaluate second stringers, next game, then get the starters primed in the last regular season game.

give Boltus a look sure, but not for this season.

Why not give him a half game before year's end to ascertain his abilities?

I say play first stringers, and play to win.

This team has yet to find its mojo. Keep looking for it, and hopefully they can find it and ride it deep into the playoffs.

I would definitely get Cobourne some rest over these next two weeks, maybe Stala too.

Make sure the older guys are fresh for the playoffs.

...absolutely! :thup:

Of course we have to play first stringers in the next two games, otherwise game corrosion will affect them, but at the same time, we do not want any of the regulars to sustain injuries before the playoff run.

I say mix it up with the regulars and reserves just in case.

Personally I think the starters need to play to stay sharp. Maybe not the whole game but they need to stay out of lal la land and be ready when it counts.

IMHO this team has taken enough games off this year.
Play hard every minute of the game, whistle to whistle.
Simplify the playbook and schemes to not give away any secrets but do not let up!

I would like to see them test a new RB to compliment Avon in the next two games . :thup:

I don't think Avon would accept compliments after those drops and the fumble.


I think we should give our starters some playing time, but we don't want to risk further injury especially against those dirty blue jerks down the road.

I'd say we should give some of our backup DBs a shot but we don't have any more back DBs lol :lol:

Treat it like the pre-season games, starter at the start to keep them loose and prepared, then switch to 2nd/3rd stringers prevent injuries. After all, these are Sask and Toronto we are playing, who will also be playing 2nd/3rd stringers for next year's evaluations.

Excellent post. I agree. Hopefully there won't be any more injuries to starters though. If we are to go anywhere in the playoffs we need to be healthy.