Next two games

Toronto @ Winnipeg- I know I picked Toronto but I am hoping that is a curse and the Bombers win. I am concerned with the kicking game in bomberland.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan - I picked Edmonton silly me but the reason is Ricky Ray if he gets time to throw and their defense puts gloves on their feet they should win. Now your probably wondering why they would put gloves on their feet. Well that is where the majority of passes from Crandell will go. Kidding of course. The riders I am not sold on because of their QB situation. Defense may win them a game or two but again you have to have a proven QB to get the ball to the receivers and over the years Crandell has not proven he can do it. Plus I do not want Dancing danny to lose his job yet.

A Stamp fan Cheering for Edmonton? I thought it was a late winter or a bad summer, maybe He11 has froze over now..... :wink: :wink:

I read 'gloves on their feet' and thought, 'What the hell is he talking about?' Then I read the rest... Very nice, 05. :lol:

I'll be going for the Bombers and the Eskimos.

Well sporty Edmonton is a team in Alberta. Why would I not pull for them. The only time I do not is when of course they play the Stamps plus I do not want Dancing danny to lose his job just yet. But you have to admit.

Ricky Ray>M Crandell

'gloves on their feet'
hahahahahaha! Nice one!

It's raining in the 'peg so I think the Bombers will pull it off. I also think Serna will suprise with punting.

Bombers by 3

Edmonton will win with a punt through the endzone. Sask is but a shadow of it's former self.

Edmonton 1
Riders 0

Well, I'm really hoping for an Eskimos win now. Otherwise I got 1-3 this week. :roll:

Nazareth - Homecoming: Greatest Hits Live in Glasgow, track fiveā€¦


What are you complaining about? An Eskimo loss puts me at 0-4, and thats MUCH, MUCH worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

winners in bold

Montreal @ Hamilton loss
B.C. @ Calgary win
Toronto @ Winnipeg win

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan waiting

So if Edmonton wins I will be 75 percent
So they better kick some butt

Yay! I'm not the only one sinking! :lol:

Yes Ray > Crandell :lol: :lol: :lol:

But still I know how you Calgarians love your "Brothers" in Edmonton........... :lol: :lol: