Next Two games. How many wins?

How many wins for the Tiger-Cats in the next two games?

At Winnipeg Thursday August 14 and at home on Labour Day vs. the pummelled Argos.

I say two.

TWO ... Winnepeg is flatfooted and ... well ... we know how we do with the ARGOS ($uck!)

i think dinwiddie is not at all the qb they hope is winnipeg.
watch tonight berry is on the plank if they lose it will be an interesting short week for winnipeg.
up against a stronger 4-3 defence it'll be a little different as far as running the option as they did against the 3-4 argo def.
i do feel if you can hold off the winnipeg front seven, you can attack and beat bombers weak secondary.
we have confidence now and the argos are getting whipped again labour day if last night is part of the progress. this team could easily be 4-3.

I'll be at the game next Thursday (I'm from Winnipeg), and I really think the Ticats are going to own the Bombers.

Gotta say too -- this morning, a lot of Bomber fans at my workplace were talking football, and they sounded a lot more nervous about next Thursday then they did two days ago. :wink:

I'm curious to see how the Bombers perform tonight.

Two of two. If they can get that done, we'll have a race to the wire for a playoff spot.

Oski Wee Wee,

I’m surprised that at this point no one thinks the Cats will lose both.