Next Touchdown Atlantic

no doubt it will be the argos vs someone... as an argo homegame.. argos have the worst attendance in the league no? so yup.. send em out to moncton to make a quick buck for sure, the cats tho, whens the stadium reno start? couldnt be this season coud it? too late to start already no? took bc 5 months to put up a temp stadium, maybe the cats can do the same? not sure... bc had the luxury of being able to use the olympic seats, unfortunately for the hammer, the pan am games are in a few years still and not just last year. and unfortunately id suspect 30,000 seats would probably cost u a few million to say the least.. bc paid what 30 million for the temp stadium? with free seats pretty much. would bob young and the cats do the same but probably add 15 -20 million for new seats or could they possibly use the old seats at ivor wynne? just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

having the Cats play there for a season would be interesting, but not fair to long time Cats fans / season ticket holders.

I believe it should be 2 eastern teams. This is an East city, looking to expand in the East. I would feel the same about a West game, say in Saskatoon or BC interior.

my ideal cfl has 12 or 14 teams...


  1. bc
  2. victoria

now here is where it gets interesting.. i say if there is interest in the east and west... like border towns in the usa.. such as maybe rochester or buffalo out east and lets say... portland or even, fargo north dakota in the west... u add 1 american team to each division.. ideally tho 12 team all canadian league.


5. moncton
6. hamilton

i also believe tho the east could support london ontario aswell as maybe even... i dunno.. but the problem is the east has most the population of canada so... its tough. victoria/moncton... gotta be similar population wise so why not right. saskatoon tho, the riders would never allow it. NEVER.

2013 is the year, as it will be the first year of the new TV deal and monies generated from that will help offset the expense of a lost season.

Why not have a Grey Cup rematch to kick off the season in Moncton? Or it doesn't even have to be July 1st why not have though Saskatchewan vs Montreal? IMO 2 of the most exciting teams in the league... I know Montreal fans wouldn't be happy about losing a home game to the Maritimes but if they want it that bad I guess they can make the trip? I just don't want some snooze fest matchup like Toronto vs Calgary, or Toronto vs Saskatchewan other interesting matchups would be

Edmonton vs Hamilton
Calgary vs Hamilton
Calgary vs Montreal
Saskatchewan vs Hamilton
BC vs Hamilton
BC vs Toronto (if you really want an east vs west matchup)
Last but not least as commented before, GC Rematch Saskatchewan vs Montreal

Well it seems like Touchdown Atlantic 2 may/will be a go. As for the teams that will play; My guess would be Calgary/Saskatchewan vs Hamilton.

Excellent news coming out of Moncton! :thup:

Yes this city is well on its way to becoming the 10th franchise. Good on them.

Calgary will play Hamilton on September 25th in Moncton. With the Ti-Cats being the home team.

Supporting documentation: … le/1378019

If there are going to be 2 games in Moncton,
maybe the Argos should play in both games.
The crowd there seemed to genuinely embrace them.

The league could consider making only one game there an
Argos home game technically ... and the other could take
a home date from some other team (like BC or Hamilton).


Nobody wants expansion more then I do. But before we give moncton a team, the league needs to make sure people will come to 9 games a year and it's not just a fare type atmosphere... Meaning if the rodeo was in town every weekend for two months would you still go every weekend. Can people afford the ticket prices, is there an owner, and can enough seating be put into the current stadium.

Hopefully the crazy week doesn't affect the stamps down the stretch. We need all the help we can get

Yeah, maybe next year when the Ti-Cats are rebuilding Ivor Wynne, they might have a back to back game in Moncton. See if the double weekend wallet hit makes the market a little less appealing long term.

Based on my evaluation while being there last year for the Argos game, I have no doubt the fans from the city and province will support the team.
I can tell you before arriving I like most was unsure and frankly couldn't see it happen.
Afterwards and with the many surprises, there is no doubt and Moncton is my Atlantic Canada choice, there is no other.

AgroT- I'm glad the festivities went well there. All I'm saying is some time and research needs to be done before the CFL awards them a full on team. Selling one game a year in small stadium is a Lot differnt then getting a decent croud 9 times a year in a decent sized stadium... Even when the team is 4-14.

It's good for the league to have games out there, should put a team out there. There's enough talent for it.

Lee G.


It’s not about talent. It’s about creating a Business that makes money.

Need talent to win no? Any winning team I’ve seen usually does well filling stands.

I get your point though, can’t throw a team there for the sake of throwing a team there.



I know it hasn't been mentioned here much, but having Montreal as one of the teams would seem to make sense to me.
Any new fans of the CFL garnered through these games would be within reasonable driving distance of Montreal if they wanted to attend future games.
I know Montreal sells out every game right now, but that doesn't mean it will always be that way. It doesn't necessarily mean Montreal would have to give up a home game either.
Lastly they are the back to back champs, so what better product can there be to sell the game?