Next Touchdown Atlantic

We all saw this season how successful Touchdown Atlantic was, and apparently the CFL has other games planned in the future for Moncton. The question I have is, will the next Touchdown Atlantic have the Esks and Argos or are two other teams going to be given a chance to step up to the plate? I would love to do some traveling, and I'd be more then willing to take a flight from Hamilton to Moncton

After September's game, it was suggested that other teams would play e.g. Hamilton vs western team, but since then Moncton residents have come out and said they want the Argos as their home team.

now that's hilarious..

someone actually wants Toronto!

And there is also talk with the league scheduling Moncton back to back games two weeks in a row so that the added costs for the endzone seats can provide the maximum exposure.
Involving four different teams over the two weeks.
Not a bad idea.

Well, wants the Argos. Wanting Toronto isn't the same thing - that would be even more incredible :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I think it'll be Winnipeg vs. BC. I just have a hunch :wink:

I'd imagine it'd be a Hamilton 'home' game against a western opponent, probably BC.

I'd guess the league sent the Argos out there because they knew the team that would benefit the most financially from getting out of their home city was Toronto. Hamilton is likely #2 on that list and BC tends to be Hamilton's worst attendance draw so cut out the game that will cost the Cats most.

I heard back after the first one that TDA 2 was going to be Stamps-Cats. It was just a rumour, but it seems like a viable one to me. In fact I hope it is true. Gives me a reason to head out East. Cheap seafood and cheap Keith's here I come. :smiley:

.......with the way some of those players (esks. especially) were putting away the lobster at the last TDA...i just might catch a flight out there as well.. :wink:

Pretty sure it will be Hamilton (home team) against Calgary.

It'll be the Argos vs western team.

Can"t see it being the Ticats , unless there are financial guarantees for them to lose a home game gate.Then again it could be a test run for a new home for the Tabbies?

An interesting prospect for Moncton in 2013....

With Ivor Wynne scheduled to be out of commission that season, the Cats will be looking for some temporary homes...

And, there is a suggestion on the table that the Cats play two or even three games in Moncton that season.
Could be Moncton's chance to step and shine...

wow. that article lists every possiblility under the sun.
can't take it seriously.

That's because every possibility is on the table. Eventually the bad ideas will be whittled away (like the front ended away schedual). I suspect the Moncton/Laval with Rogers Centre "home" games will be the end result with a possibility of an expanded Ron Joyce for a couple of games.

The other factor will be or should be financial.
If Moncton can offer a substantial profit to the Cats to have all or the majority of games played there and which will lead to an expansion team say coming in the same time as Ottawa, I am all for it.
Having been there last fall when my Argos played, there is no doubt in my mind Moncton is the real deal.

I really wish we had some residents from Moncton commenting on this one.

I dont think the Ticats should play that far away from their season ticket holders if they can possibly avoid it.

That goes without saying, but the one real local alternative could be a problem...

There has been some general talk about McMaster’s Ron Joyce Stadium, but it’s unlikely the entire schedule could be played there because, even with temporary seating, the capacity would be so small the Cats would have to charge exorbitant ticket prices. And that risks alienating their subscribers.
Moncton has the newest stadium, and it ran a successful Touchdown Atlantic. When the New Orleans Saints lost use of the Superdome in 2005 they played one game in Giants stadium as a 'home' team, and split the rest between San Antonio and Baton Rouge.

A likely scenario would be...

2 'home' games in Toronto
1 'home' game in Ottawa
2 games at Mac
2 games at Laval
2 games at Moncton

Four games would be local and four games would serve the league to test out potential market waters...

That makes them a rolling circus, they might be able to swing it financialy but that would be really tough on their staff and players.