Next time someone complains about CFL offiating....

For those that complain about CFL officiating - I know I'm guilty of riding them pretty good during the season - ought to watch game film of tonight's Seahawks/Rams game to see that NFL officials aren't beyond reproach. Wow. A blatant offside by a Seahawk defender that even HE expected to be called, a critical 3rd and 1 late in the 4th quarter for the Hawks that mysteriously turned into a first down, and a couple of other holds that weren't called were just some examples of a bad night by the officiating crew.

Add in numerous Ram receiver drops and 2 calls that Ram coaches should have challenged but didn't, gave the game a preseason feel in a playoff atmosphere. Strange night.

Well it is the offseason so I give it another 30 minutes til somebody here starts up a new thread complaining about refs.

here is my last comment on the topic, no point in continueing to repeat myself


Well, my intention wasn’t to open a scab wound. Just simply to point out that while we’re often hyper-critical of our own (sometimes justifiably so), officials down south, with all of their training and resources, can still screw up a game pretty badly. Just food for thought next time some anti-CFL types throw the ‘bush CFL officiating’ label around…

I’ll be very surprised if tonight’s crew will be working any playoff games. The phantom first down, when the back clearly was down a FULL YARD behind the first down marker on 3rd down - at such a critical juncture of the game no less - was inexcusable. Why it wasn’t challenged was a head-scratcher too. Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth were incredulous.

Don't forget that spot that was a full yard ahead of the actual spot the runner went down, giving the Seahawks a first down in the 4th qtr.

Yeah, noticed that rhymes. Was a weird game.