Next time, don't give Cahoon a plaque...

The Als gave Ben Cahoon a well deserved plaque for his franchise record 55 touchdowns before the game. Cahoon deserves every accolade, trophy, standing ovation; and maybe even a statue sometime in the future.

But, next game: don't give him a plaque, or a handshake, or any other award. JUST give him the ball when it IS CRUNCH time and the Als need a play!!!

They did not use Cahoon tonight when they needed him most. I hope that Trestmann is not using his NFL "mindset" with Cahoon. You know the mindset (short, not too fast, etc). And he thinks that Cahoon cannot help this team. A lot of defensive backs who don't know Cahoon lick their chops when they line up against him, but he beats them all.

I hope Cahoon does not have to prove his worth to Trestmann (He has nothing to prove in this league).

I agree 100% 2 catches is nowhere near enough