Next three games. How many wins?

Our next three games are against Toronto, Winnipeg and Toronto again.

I'll go out on a limb and say all three

i'll say 2 with that one loss coming from the Bombers.

im gonna go ahead and say 2 wins! both wins against the ARGOS :cowboy:

One win on Labor Day. JL should be back by then.

An Argo-Cat fan

Sorry guys 1 and 8 ... i don`t have a good feeling going into thurs. game

See now i have the opposite. i have this weird feeling that we come out and play well and win the game.

I had the same feeling before week 2 as well.



They will have to play a perfect game on all three facets (Off, Def, ST), with minimal penalties, and they might take this week's game vs. Argos. Winnipeg, though, will be tough.

you're making it sound like were about to play the 72' dolphins.

We're playing the 3-3 Argos, the most mediocre, over rated team in the CFL. They aren't as good as the media makes them out to be, and they are vulnerable to the worst of teams.

I'll back you up Kirk and say 3 as well.. :wink:

I can see us beating the BOO team twice....!

Kirk and Mike, that's a pretty bold prediction.

This team hasn't won three-straight games in 5 years.

I just don't see how we win more than one, especially considering the injuries we have on offence. It started with Cedric (who might be the most devastating injury so far because really our line has been awful) and it's now up to our starting QB, RB and number 1 receiver.

Don't downplay the Miles injury. He is the only receiver with enough awareness to read the blitz and change is pattern. If I was the Argos, I'd blitz all night tomorrow.

I picked one win in our next three, and I'm not even sure about that. I certainly wouldn't bet on it.

Man Captain Kirk, you are one of the biggest homers on this site. Sipping too much CatKoolaid! Good on you for being positive but winning all three?

I say one at the most if they get lucky. They are going to get killed tomorrow, I say 30 plus points, hope I am wrong.

It's based on a good schedule against weaker opposition, and a lot of hope that this improved Ti-Cat team (yes, improved from last the two years) is still improving with more experience behind them.

...and a lot of hope.

30 plus points?

against a team with 3 wins and which 2 of those wins that came against a team that has the same record as us? (and both were close)

against a team that has a crappier offence than ours?

No Printers, no Lumsden, no Miles.

When you lose your starting QB, RB and best receiver, you shouldn't win.

Think about it. Take Calvillo, Cahoon and Cobourne out of the Als would they do? How about Pierce, Simon and Smith? Burris, Reynolds, Rambo? Joesph, Bruce and Dorsey? (Do I need to go on? These are three huge losses for the Cats this week, and that's not even factoring in Bradley, our best DB.)

Sure, some teams have sufficient backups, but they don't have three players that can step in to each position and get the same production.

(Except apparently Sask. Look, we are not the Riders....we don't have the stability that they do. I'm not saying we have no chance to win any of the three, but three in a row?)

I expect nothing less than a loss this week, but hey, here's to hoping we can rally and pull one out.

I'm a realist....not trying to be negative.

AMG ~ Good call, they can't even seem to put 2 wins together.(Even without injuries)


I agree Remarcot, even if we were 100% healthy, three straight seems unrealistic. Unless there are dramatic changes (and not changes to the roster, I mean changes in how the guys are playing on the field) that last more than one game, we will not win three in a row.

I hear ya.

That's why I mentioned lots of hope. Twice.

Keep in mind the difference between Printers and Williams isn't what it should be, the way Printers has been playing.

Also, Toronto is hurting at the receiver corps. Sure, it's not the same thing, but it should still have an impact on that struggling Argo offense.

Pull off an inspired win for the little general, at home, against the dreaded Argos, and then go into the next two games with Printers, Lumsden, Miles and Bradley.