Next ten cup winners

If I could write the script for the next ten yrs, the cup winners would be..

08 - Sask - sask fans deserve back to back for all their yrs of great support with so few cups in return.

09 - Calgary - welcome back to CFL Johnny H.

10 - Hamilton - Bob Young deserves to see his investment finally give him the prize.

11 - BC - time for the cup to return to the new and improved BC place.

12 - Hamilton - one more for Bob

13 - BC - Just because

14 - BC - 2 down, 3 to go

15 - BC - Just because no one thinks it can be done anymore

16 - BC - Why not

17 - BC - Take that Edmonton.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

B.C. can't even win back-to-back Championships. What makes you think they're going to win 5 straight? :expressionless: :lol:

...boy, you really wanna run up the Bombers drought, eh?

...I am laughing at each post so far....hilarious...

Did you consult RLR on your list?

If he did, Sheep, B.C. would be the first team in history to win 10 straight.

  1. Riders
  2. Riders
  3. Riders
  4. Riders
  5. Riders
  6. Riders
  7. Riders
  8. Riders
  9. Riders
  10. Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!!

Turkey just beat him to that call. :slight_smile: :roll:

You should throw one in for Ottawa and Halifax.

And the London Pikemen.

You never know... :smiley:

Go Pikemen!

To borrow the Ticats' saying:

"Holy Mackinaw, Pikemen stick 'em Raw!"

like I didnt see that one coming when I posted this topic :cowboy:

He meant the Ottawa Rough Riders, thus saying that the Saskatchewan Roughriders wont win a grey cup again until the Ottawa Rough Riders win 9 straight.

But they're not scheduled to come back until 2010. I'd love to see how they manage to pull off that coup! :lol:

LOL take that edmonton LOL.


Lets not forget about the Bombers. They have not won the cup since 1990 and are on the longest drought of any present cfl team. Milt Stegall, probably the best cfl reciever of all time, has been loyal to the bombers for 13 years now. In all of those 13 years he has played in the grey cup game twice and has never won. He has the work ethic, personality, and leadership of a true football player. His Grey cup was taken away from him last year after a dissapointing loss to the riders, due to an injured Kevin Glenn. Milt stegall also asked for a paycut in 2008, believed to be around the 80 000$ mark, to help the bombers sign better players to help lead them to the cup.

If anyone deserves a Grey Cup this year, its milt Stegall, the Blue Bombers, and all of the fans in Winnipeg!

..if anyone deserves the cup, it'll be the team that wins it...sentimental favourites notwithstanding....

Turkey…I’m Impressed! :lol: :lol:

2008 Toronto Argonauts
2009 BC Lions
2010 Hamilton Tiger Cats
2011 Edmonton Eskimos
2012 Ottawa Rough Riders
2013 Quebec City Voyageurs
2014 Atlantic Schooners
2015 Milwaukee BeerBarons
2016 London Pikeman
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