Next Stop -- Edmonton

Golf putting a stop to fans calling in for rules violations was the best thing that happened.

I can only imagine the league caught this act through our friend and the screenshot. Pure speculation of course.

No, it wasn’t for that. It was for the helmet-to-helmet hit on Carey.

This is confusing! The ankle twist was on Terry Williams!???

3dn not gospel.

That site has really gone downhill since Drew Edwards announced his departure.

;D ;D ;D

Not that it matters but didn’t Ken Peters actually start the blog ?

Don’t think so.

Found his first post.

Yes. But iirc it was already a blog and Edwards took it over named it and polished it.

Could a swore I recall Peters making bitchy remarks on Lumsdens injury status.

I remembered his blog too. Different name, but same idea. It looks like Peter’s posts were shorter, I guess Twitter wasn’t an option to break news back then.

Was just gonna say, it was Catchat.

Now Ken just uses twitter and Facebook to bash the team, city, etc.

Lol and Edwards wondered why HTC always played defense against Spec.
It was game on long before you got there, Drew.

I find it…distasteful…that 3DN omitted the other fines meted out for the past 2 weeks…

Retroactive fines from previous week’s don’t get clicks like Simoni does.

The irony on Drew’s big farewell speech is he talks about the state of social media, yet his own site perpetuates it by putting the clickbait headlines to incite Rider/Stamps fans.

You’re right DCF. A professional headline would be (CFL fines for week 14). Or even (Lawrence headlines week 14 fines).

And as Crash just said , there you have it .

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that 3DN conveniently omitted the other fines meted out and instead focused solely on public enemy number #1 Simoni Lawrence . I mean let’s face it here folks , nobody gives a frogs fat arse about some no name nobody of a player getting a fine for an infraction so why bother even mentioning it ? Virtually no chance of getting any clicks if yer reporting on Joe Blow and Freddy Nobody getting fines now are there ?

I mean let’s face it with Simoni Lawrence , thanks to a lot of BS and over the top hyperbole by certain members of the media he is being unfairly branded as the dirtiest player in the game . The pitchforks have been out in full force for Simoni for sometime now from other team’s fan bases and it’s no wonder that he is getting all the headlines when he has clearly been bulls-eyed and centred out above and beyond all others .

The media created this monster and has fed it to a gullible public . It knew that certain other fan bases would eat it up and stoke the fire if the monster known as Simoni was invented to create hype , click bait and exaggerated focus on the leagues new poster boy for bad behaviour and dirty play above all others who play in this league .

The reality of this though is that as much as certain other members of certain other fan bases want to see Simoni’s head on a chopping block is that if Simoni wound up tomorrow playing on their team instead of here ? He would all of a sudden turn in to the greatest player ever . Bunch of damn friggin’ hypocrites every last one of them . It must be nice to cheer for a team that has nothing but law abiding citizens and total angels playing for it .

Okay . I feel better now that I’ve got that off my chest . Rant over…carry on !!!

Simoni has become our modern day Ang Mosca.

Fitting, since he’s about to take the all time team lead for tackles this Friday.

And bobo, you’re damn right about the hypocrisy of other teams’ fans.

Let’s just call it Rider fans and move on.

19 straight posts, under this “Subject” (Next Stop – Edmonton) all completely unrelated to the TiCats’ next game ???

Too lazy to go back to count…does that include yours? ;D