Next Stop -- Edmonton

Starting a thread for anything we learn about our team, while it’s in Calgary this week.

I saw some pictures of some of the guys at, and on, Lake Louise Sunday and here, from Simoni, is the first word on back-to-work Monday:

5h5 hours ago
Sitting in the lobby at 4am because I fell asleep at 7 45 pm and coaches are already up working sheeeeeeesh… day 1
“Get better or die?

I hope Trevor Harris takes this opportunity to rest up for a game or three to make sure he is completely healed for the stretch run.

Agreed. Only counts as 0.3 of a win though.

Coach O. at the first practice in Calgary, with Tasker participating:

Harris still in “resting stages” as of Sunday. I can relate, as I have been in a resting stage since the mid-90s.

Eskimos’ QB Trevor Harris still in ‘resting stages’ with injury suffered against Calgary

He is meeting with a doctor today to decide on whether to play this week.

According to this article, Kilgore will be starting for EDM

“The 29-year-old has been named the starter for Friday’s game, and he’ll be ready to go with nearly a full game of action already under his belt.”
“You’re always ready if and when but it’s a little different when you know you’re taking that snap,? Kilgore said of his relief appearance. “Even starting the game in Winnipeg in the preseason, it might seem small, but preparing in pre-game, preparing on the bus ride over to take that first snap, it’s always a little bit different. So it’s nice to have gotten that under the belt.?

Sept 20 is Ricky Ray wall of Honour Day

We get to ruin another Ricky Ray Day :slight_smile:

That definitely will be worth the price of the ticket, Ricky Ray has ruined enough of my days.

My favourite Ricky Ray day was EF of 2013. He and the argos imploded in the second half!

Thank you Rob Ford. RIP.

Although he didn’t say so, Coach Steinauer sounded, in his Day 2 post-practice Q & A, like we might expect to see Tyrell Sutton activated this week.

Harris is playing on a different team and we have different coaches and new players on our defence. Highly improbable that Harris would torch the 2019 Cats the same way as he did in 2018.

Harris still has Ellingson to throw to. Just needs to figure out the Red Zone.

Misses Sinopoli as his one-two with Ellingson. Once he completely melds with his Eskie crew, I think he will again be just as effective.

Report: Not So Fast on Kilgore Starting.

I would rather that we beat Harris. That would be much more satisfying for all the misery he caused last year.

Plus then people wouldn’t feel the need to place an asterisk (*) on the win because it was only their backup.

Kilgore or Harris, knock them on their asterisks ! ;D

Pat Lynch ( the wrinkled warrior )

Doesn’t seem every win against us is a asterisk.

Ill gladly beat their backup. We need home field in the EF. If we get it nobody will remember who we beat to get to 11/12/13 wins.

It’s our backup too

Arguably the most important regular season game left on our schedule is Oct 26 @ MTL. Even if it does not have implications for the final standings, it is important to set a tone before we potentially meet up again in the Final. I want MTL to be nervous about playing us in November, and I want our guys to have full confidence that we can beat MTL.

But if it has no bearing then , presumably, one or both will be resting starters ?-

Although the original thread was locked, I see by 3DownNation that Simoni was fined for rolling over on Carey, while holding his ankle. Quelle surprise?