Next Season

Who really cares at this point where they are playing next season? The schedule isn’t out. You can’t buy tickets. Rest easy that they are working on something and can announce it when they can.

Whats the point in asking every two days what the plans are for next season, or if anyone has heard anything? Its all rumour and conjecture at this point. And you can rest assured, you will NOT miss the announcement or the mulitple threads that will pop up with people loving it, hating it, thinking Mitchell should be fired, and they should have just played the games at WH next year.

I can’t be the only one who feels that way.

well point being theres alot of questions need to be be answered but as we fans have been all along were left in the dark until the 13th hour and then are expected to be all ears. Sorry lets just get this done and stop lagging on like everything has to be such a chore.

When it takes this long it probably means that the news ain't going to be AWESOME !

I was really hoping with the new stadium announcement that plans for next year would have been revealed at/around the same time - guess I was wrong with that thinking!

Oh, did seeing this topic title ever annoy me. I DON’T want to think about next season. This one is painful enough.

Most of next season will be like one long road trip. Have you seen the Cats road record this year? We could end up 3-15 or something like that. At least people will have the option to change the channel when the Cats are getting blown out. :stuck_out_tongue:

im still hoping we have bj daniels or kellen moore next year, slim chance i know :?

Those are still young QBs and it would be years before they got productive for us.

The upside is next year will give the team lots of "practice" time to hone their away-game skills and in the end, hopefully, the Cats will be a better road team. So I guess you could say next year only sort of counts. :wink:

mycko, come on, you know the WH enthusiasts which do come in a variety of shapes, sorts and colours, would say "WH? WTF, they had their chance and now we don't want them to place at WH at all. Too late!" 8)