Next Season

How many days untill next season. I miss football. ):

I would say roughly 85 days till training camp opens.

How many days untill next season. I miss football
Well, I dont know if you heard but the Super Bowl is in 6 days and has a couple of good teams playing.

If its not the Ticats really doesnt count.

im sorry i meant i missd GOOD football
nfl is way worse than cfl

agree with above

im sorry i meant i missd GOOD football nfl is way worse than cfl
You're right. I hate watching amazing players like LT score 29 TDs in 16 games and Reggie Bush slice through defences. Or defensive players like Champ Bailey and Brian Urlacher shut down their opponents. I probably shouldn't mention Tom Brady's dynasty or Peyton Manning re-writing the NFL record books.

Dont get me wrong, I love the CFL as well as the Ti-Cats, and they are a big part of my life, but its hard to say that the NFL is "way worse" than the CFL.

I do agree with jdawg23. People do slam the CFL and compare it to the NFL. As much as I love the CFL and the Ticats, I do love the NFL and NCAA football. NFL has great athletes. Im a big defensive guy and love watching a defense shut down a team.

Nothing tops good old 3 down football for me...Go Ticats Go!!

I like the CFL rules more, but the players in the NFL are of much higher calibur than those of the CFL. It just goes to show how talented those guys in the NFL are when you think about all our "stars" and how they can barely make the teams in the NFL. No slight to our boys, they're good players... but some of those NFL guys are just unreal.

Granted, a few slip through the cracks now and then.

Like Ricky Williams?

Maybe you could sign him to a contract extension. He did so well for ya last season. :wink: Well worth the $$$ IMHO

I have always been anti-NFL until last season when I got into an NFL fantasy pool. It really made me take a closer look at the games and players. I still prefer the CFL hands down, but the NFL isn't a bad subsititute while our guys take a break. :smiley: There are some very exciting players in the NFL. I do still hate the fact that most of the time with a minute left in the game NFL teams just putter around to run the clock and they leave the field with 30 seconds left. That's still lots of time in the CFL.

for as many guys that go from the CFL as all-stars and don't crack an NFL roster, there are also many guys that make the NFL as backups or just bounce around a bit there, and then don't even get a backup role when they come to CFL camps.
Guys like Mike Pringle, Milt Stegall, Terry Vaughn, Brian Kelly, Joe Montford...
you can't say they are a lesser athlete, or lesser player than Ricky Williams, Peyton Manning, Terrel Owens... just because they didn't play in the NFL

Regardless of the league, if the game is close, it's exciting for me, in the big picture the rules don't make a huge difference.

While the NFL is the best of the best, I have to agree that the CFL can often be more exciting to me. The biggest diffence is the time clock, and the number of timeouts.

I've never seen a stat on this, but there are probably 50% more plays in the CFL. I was watching an NFL game last weekend and couldn't believe the number of TV commercials you see in a game. I suppose they need this for the cash the players make, but I'd rather watch football than commercials.

For those big fans of NCAA, I just don't get it. Plenty of lopsided games, more teams than you can remember, no "real" playoffs, bowl games after not playing for a couple of weeks, and the whole concept that players are "amateurs" not being paid (how much is a scholarship worth). I understand the rivalries, tradition, and cheering for your alma matar, but while there may be exceptions, NCAA football is generally quite boring. Some people even think that an NCAA team could compete with most CFL teams. That one kills me.


i like football.

Add the word "live" between "like" and "football" and I second that notion.

Apart from decades of Cats games, I get to travel a lot with my job and I find a live football (or basketball) game and four or five beer to be an excellent companion wherever I happen to be laid up over a week-end. CFL, NFL, NCAA, CIS, even high school games - it doesn't matter much to me.

Oddly enough, I don't really care much for football from any league, including the CFL, on TV. Live, a football game in a decent atmosphere moves along at a nice pace, but on TV it seems to drag on and on and on. Too many repeats of the same few commericals, too many replays of the same plays, too many shots of guys standing around waiting for something to happen, too much repeating of the same old cliches by the "analysts". IMO the NFL is particulary bad/good for that - the camera work and production value is phenomonal, in a hyper-real video game sort of way, but it kind of bores me because the live action seems to exist only to send to the truck to produce slo-mo replays from 50 angles so the game crew have something to yak about when they're not reminding you about some crappy sitcom on the network next week, or telling you which company sponsored the fake first down line for the 20th time. I'm old, I don't care much about the X's and O's as I did 10 or 20 years ago, and maybe I have ADD, but unless something controversial happens, I don't really want to watch the last play six more times.

Super bowl - yah, OK, but bring on football weather and live football.

CFL football I think is in 137 days…thats until training camp…CAN’T WAIT!.. :smiley:

ME NEITHER!:):):slight_smile: