Next Season - who stays and who goes?

Hey gang, lets look a bit into the future. We all know that off season changes happen, and so this year, who do you kind ladies and gentleman think will be packing there bags? Right now the only guy who really stands out as needing to leave is Jamie Boreham and his hamemr toe. The guy just isnt that good. Hes inconsistant. Cut him. Please add on.

Some People want Jamie to go , but up until the first miss last night had hit 9 in a row. He is hitting the ball well and has brought his % back up to a repectable 72%.

The only arguement to let him go, and Flemming for that matter, is that we need to find a kicker who can kick and punt. We are one of the only CFL teams (if not the only) that uses 2 kickers. It seems like a waste of a roster spot.

9 in a row...BIG DEAL?...9 in a row is only an accomplishment to boreham...

imagine were talkin about prefontaine or d'angelis hitting 9 in a row...haha...or duval or conji...hahahaah...

those guys hit 9 in a row in thier sleep.

Borehams gotta go and so does ranek...raneks a lot of change towards the cap and hes not needed anymore and only had 1 good game anyways.

Jamie Boreham 's 9 fieldgoal streak were mostly chipshots,he still too inconsitent when the game is on the line,we need someone esle who can do both jobs.Our recievers do not scare anyone except for DJ Flick ,Peaterson is way to inconsistent to be a starting reciever and drops the easiest balls,Brock Ralph is nowhere near the reciever we thought we were gettig,he is also very inconsistent and dropped a sure touchdown last night.Terry Vaughn's best years a re behind him on other teams and l can't see him here next year his lack of speed is apparent.
But ! We have more talent on the sidelines waiting to play and these guys have real speed and hands to match Kahil Hill and Devon Fowlkes .Also we need a real middle linebacker that running backs fear when going into the middle,sorry Auggie it ain't you!

Yes Boreham is not the guy we need kicking. He makes then when the game is out of hand but in tight situations he cramps up and misses. If he kicked early in the season we would have had a better record. He gave games away.

While the receivers had a decent game last night they are not the break away, deep threat guys who are fast and can fight for the ball. These guys have been around in our losing seasons so what makes us think they are good enough for next year. Do some recruiting and get some decent fast receivers

recievers to keep, IMO...flick, vaughn....

everyone else is on the bubble....altho if hill performs like last season, hes a keeper.

i dont know why anyone would be down on vaughn?...i mean, he hasnt had the ball thrown to him much this season....just look at his 1000th catch last nite as an example that this guys still got many tackles did he break?

I agree almost 100%. Boreham should be replaced by the same Myers who replaced him earlier this year (if he's healed). I'd keep Fleming, not that he's a great kicker but I liked Myers. I'd keep Flick but Peterson and Ralph wouldn't be missed at all. I'd keep Vaughan because some vets are important and he's a good one--I think he can still deliver too. I know it won't be popular but Hitch should retire. He's still good but not good enough. I'd also give more playing time to Hill and Folkes. I'd upgrade the backup QB position. I'd deal Ranek (I like the guy but Lumsden makes him redundant and expensive). If Ottawa returns, you may get more than market value for him from the 'Gades.

An Argo fan

borehams, gotttttta go man we wuda win so much more game if he woulda hit the easy ones.. um also our online i think cook will be gone, i think and some may think im crazy for sayin this but i think cotton may be gone next season... :S:S:S just my opinion! no bashin me!

also i think fawlkes wont make

Isn't it funny........a few weeks back I was reading on here comments about running Holmes out of town. How can anyone question Vaughan's play. This guy is thirty four but plays like twenty four. He looks like he could easily play another two years. Maas finally starts throwing the ball on target the last couple games all the recievers start playing better.
Let's not run Ranek out of town either. He's had a tuff year with injuries and when he did play there was limited player from our O line. When coach Sal was in the broadcast he oftened commented on the ineffective play of the O line. Ranek had four great years on a mediocre Ottawa team....he'll be back. Gotta hold onto to the talent.
On the D, definitly Shaw has to go. He cannot close on the ball quick enough to support the db's. His tackling is very poor. I'd use a import at safety......maybe a Kornegay....a great tackler and great closer on the ball.

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

can we finish this season first please imo

Boreham - GONE!

I can't stand hearing that he's "coming along", "getting his confidence back" blah blah blah. It's been three years and we're still holding our breath everytime he has to kick more than 25 yards. He's not a professional, period.

Radlein - GONE!

I never understood the hype behind him. He's not great on short yardage. Whenever he does carry the ball he just barely gets the first down when they need one yard.

Ranek - GONE!

He's been injured and he'll probably be a good back again for another team. But the fact is you gotta make a decision as to who your starter is, and that my friends, is Corey Holmes. The mistake the Cats made was signing too many players and not knowing what they were gonna do with them; trying to buy a cup. You gotta have some direction. Hopefully the mistake is not repeated next season.

Corey Holmes - STAY!

Obviously. Mr Dynamite...nuff said.

Tay Cody - STAY!

This guy has been the nicest surprise of 06. He's come out swinging.

Jason Maas - STAY!

Looks like the Maas of old. He may just hit the 5000 yard mark next season.

Those are my main three in each category. Other than that, it's up for grabs.

Lawrence Gordon is definitely a keeper: he plays with emotion!

ralein will not be gone, kojo will

Radlien will stay. He is so much more important to the team as a blocking back than as a runner.

I think we must get more dominant linebackers and one big-time reciever (Hill might be the reciever).

I'm coming around to liking our DB's. I'm not a Justin fan but he looked better on friday from what I could see.

Ranek is a valuable and very good Running Back still. But we are loaded at the position and should use Ranek's value to trade for the Linebacker we need.

I'd like to see Eakin play again behind a better O-line and more confident team before deciding whether to keep him as a backup QB.

I forgot to say Wayne will stay. He has been impressive some coming over from Montreal. We did real well in the Belli trade.

Whoever we hire as our new Head Coach should KEEP Salvaitis as our O-LINE coach. Hes done a great job.

The team needs to seriously look at finding a backup QB who can step in right away if Maas goes down. Williams looks like a good long-term developmental project, but I'm not sure Eakin is the best second choice at pivot.


WR DJ FLICK - STAY (has been an asset)
WR TERRY VAUGHN -STAY (is still a all star and needs to be used more)
WR DAVON FOWLKES-STAY (good kick returner, possible starter next year)
WR TAHLIL HILL- STAY (if he is as good as last year then possible starter)
SB MIKE MORREALE - GO (is not as consistent as he used to be)
SB KAMAU PETERSON -GO (has his moments but is not consistent)
SB BROCK RALPH- GO (didnt impress me this year, trade bait)

Need another D.J Flick type of player that puts effort into wanting to score.They need a player who will fight for the ball all the time.

QB JASON MAAS - STAY (is getting better all the time)
QB KEVIN EAKIN -STAY (not good for second spot but could be used as a third string quarterback)

Need a back up for Jason Maas next year that can be put in on short notice. We also need to bring back Danny McManus or bring a guy like Matt Dunigan to the team and use them as a coach for jason Maas.

RB COREY HOLMES - STAY (works hard and is consistent)
RB JESSE LUMSDEN - STAY( use him as a starting fullback to protect COrey Holmes and use them at the same time)
FB JULIAN RADLEIN-STAY (use Julian as a back up blocker for short yardage plays and stuff like that)
RB ANTHONY DAVIS -STAY( could be used as a backup for Corey Holmes at times)

As for the offensive line im not sure who to keep and who to get rid of. I still like the likes of Jonta Woodard, George Hudson as a centre and Wayne Smith but other then that im not sure yet. That really needs work still and we need to find who works best together.

As for Jamie Boreham he needs to go i think..he can make field goals but only if there short..if it comes to something more then 40 yards, even at times 30 yards..hes wide. He makes me nervous and i dont have that much faith in him for long field goals. I like him on a personal basis..he seems like a nice guy but not enough to keep him on the team though.We need a more consistent kicker. As for Pat Fleming i would keep him and hes an overall an effective punter.

Interesting comments's a suggestion to bat around...

Most of you seem to be down on Shaw at safety. How about trying out Cody or Goss (if he returns) at that spot? Cody's a great find for you guys, not sure if he could handle the safety spot (and let's face it he's pretty valuable at HB), but it might be worth a look.

Its too early to make a decision on Maas. One respectable game this season is not enough to give him a sure spot next season. I just wish we knew for sure whether his lousy performance has been due to injuries.
If not, then I would get rid of him after this season. If he has been injured then he needs to earn his spot in the remaining games this season.
Peterson has to go because of inconsistency but as for Ralph and the rest of the receivers I would wait until Maas shows he can do the job first. He has been so bad we just don’t know what the receivers can do.